Paulina DeHaan, Patient Contact Coordinator, Carlsbad


"“I love getting to know each person and celebrating their aesthetic journey.” "

Since the start of 2023, Paulina has brought her positivity, comforting personality, and love for patient care to our La Jolla and Carlsbad Med Spas as a Patient Contact Coordinator.   

 Paulina loves talking to our LJC clients, whether it’s helping them schedule a confidence-boosting treatment or answering questions to help them make educated decisions about reaching their aesthetic goals.  

 Some highlights of Paulina’s job here at LJC are working with a team of people who always have smiles, getting to know our GLAMfam patients, and celebrating their journeys as she watches their confidence improve.  

 Anything that has to do with inner and outer peace is something Paulina can get behind. If she weren’t a Patient Contact Coordinator making sure patients’ cosmetic journeys are as peaceful and stress-free as possible, she would be frolicking in the fields with Golden Retrievers in their homeland of Scotland.  

 When she’s not at LJC, you can find Paulina working on her fitness and staying active.  

 If she had a month totally to herself, Paulina would spend it visiting her extended family in China and seeing more of Asia while she’s there. 

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