5 Reasons We Love SkinMedica Skin Care Products

pyramid-groupWe’re just plain tired of all the misinformation on the beauty products aisle. Here’s the truth: Most of those products don’t work. We feel there is only one way to prevent premature aging—protect your yourself from the sun and treat your skin from the inside out with medical-grade, advanced skin care products.

Here are five reasons why you should move to medical-grade skin care:

  1. Physician-grade treatments are FDA approved to contain more active ingredients to benefit your skin, ranging from vitamins to antioxidants and proteins.
  2. Medical-grade products have been developed through years of research by physicians, dermatologists, pharmacologists, biologists, and biochemists—and offer clinically proven results.
  3. Because of their composition, medical-grade products penetrate the top layer of skin and work below the surface to repair and renew.
  4. Medically supervised lines offer a comprehensive approach to skin care, from basic cleansing and moisturizing to treatment of age-related issues and sun damage. A full complement of products ensures that your provider can design an appropriate regimen to enhance your skin.
  5. Since medical-grade products are available only from physicians or medical spas, you will receive professional help in developing and tuning a custom program of skin care to meet your unique needs.

At LJC, we carry SkinMedica products (and they’re great). Here are three other brands that also meet our approval and are medical-grade.

  • Obagi Medical
  • iS Clinical

For skin care in La Jolla, you have a choice. You can continue filling your shelves with bottles of broken promises or join the informed consumers moving away from the mass marketing pledges of advertisers. Let the professionals at La Jolla Cosmetic Medical Spa devise a skin care program for you that really works!

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