Want Your Brows to Be “On Fleek?” Check Out These Eyebrow Shaping Tips to Make Your Face Look Younger

Do you have eyebrow envy? It’s hard not to when you see a stylish woman’s impeccable eyebrows adding the perfect finishing touch to her face.

Sculpted yet natural brows keep your face looking youthful—and neglecting them can add years to your appearance. Unfortunately, getting them to look just right is not always as easy as the beauty gurus make it seem. To help out, we’ve created a list of tips on how to style eyebrows that will help keep you looking polished and smart everywhere you go!

Tip 1: Thou shalt not over-tweeze

This is the biggest rule of all. Excessively tweezed, sparse, or unnaturally thin eyebrows can make your face look older than it is, in addition to drawing greater attention to any smile lines or wrinkles on your upper face. Keeping your brows fairly full is one of the best anti-aging tips out there. When in doubt, do some cleanup to avoid a wild or bushy brow, but hold back from tweezing your brows into oblivion. Put down the tweezers and walk away if you’re on the fence.

Bonus tip: letting brows grow back in after a lifetime of tweezing can be frustrating, but Latisse® eyelash treatment can also help over-tweezed eyebrows grow out. While you’re waiting for Latisse to work its magic, take tip #3 to heart and find the perfect eyebrow products to help fill in the gaps and help you along the way.

Tip 2: Find the right brow shape for your face

Symmetry is your friend when it comes to all things eyebrow. Not only should your brows match each other, they should also balance your features to create a flattering frame for your face. Here are a few common face shapes and the best brows to help them shine:

  • If you have a square-shaped face, style your brows in gentle arcs to add softness.
  • A round face needs angles to highlight the cheekbones and jawline.
  • A long face looks great with brows that extend past the eye towards the edge of the face.
  • Heart-shaped faces should keep it classic with a natural look.

Not sure of your face shape? Watch this video for a quick and easy way to figure it out!

Tip 3: Pick a great eyebrow powder or gel

If you do find yourself with overly thin brows, don’t despair! Eyebrow powders or gels can go a long way toward keeping your eyebrows looking full and shapely. Specialized eyebrow makeup is formulated to fill in the gaps while retaining a natural look, so don’t hesitate to give your brows a little help each morning.

Tip 4: Avoid gray eyebrows to keep your face fresh and young

Aside from being a lighter color that can cause your brows to blend in with your skin, gray hairs are also often a different texture. They can be wiry and unruly on your head and surprisingly bushy on your browline. Sometimes stray gray or white eyebrow hairs are the first signs of aging.

Keep the gray at bay with an eyebrow marker or tinted gel, but remember to choose a natural color to avoid an painted on look. If most of your eyebrow hairs are gray, ask your hairstylist to recommend a dye that’s customized for your brow color and safe for use. Many salons offer this service for free with a full cut and color.

Tip 5: Let your brow shape evolve with you

Eyebrow shapes for older women can vary, but it’s important to find a shape that looks natural as you age. In general, go for a soft look by focusing on a fuller shape with fewer angles. Eyebrows tend to thin over time, so don’t over-pluck. When in doubt, seek out the help of a waxing expert who can help you maintain a natural look that looks beautiful for years to come.

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