Cellfina® Gets the Oprah Seal of Approval


In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new cellulite-busting player in town—and patients are loving their long-lasting results with Cellfina®. But don’t take our word for it! Oprah.com staff writer Amy Maclin recently had the procedure, and she happily shared her experience and results.

“I’d always wondered: If we can put a man on the moon, why can’t we get rid of the craters in my butt?” Amy Maclin

Amy says “bye bye!” to her butt dimples

Like nearly the entire female population, Amy had cellulite—and the subsequent frustration over the lack of solutions. So when she heard about a new, minimally invasive option that boasted long-lasting results, she knew she had to give it a try.

Lucky for us, Amy documented her Cellfina experience. Here are a few highlights from treatment day:

  • A “Valium-Percocet cocktail” was prescribed, leaving her calm and ready to get started.
  • A few “before” photos were snapped and then her doctor mapped out her targeted dimples with a marker.
  • Her doctor then applied the Cellfina device to the target areas, suctioning up each individual dimple into the “vacuum chamber.” During the first round, an anesthetic was injected into each dimple to keep treatment comfortable. (Note: this part can sting, but it’s worth it once the treatment starts!)
  • After the area was numbed, her doctor did a second pass with the Cellfina device. This time, after the dimple was pulled into the device, a very small knife was used to sever the connective bands that pull skin down to create that tell-tale pucker.

Treatment typically takes around an hour or two depending on how many areas are being treated, and once numbed, patients typically only feel a slight pressure and vibration. After her treatment, Amy donned a compression garment and resumed life.

“Now when I crane to inspect myself in the mirror, I see something decidedly smoother smiling back at me.”Amy

Why patients like Amy <3 Cellfina

Amy’s Cellfina experience is very similar to most of our patients—and her happiness with her results is something we see on a daily basis. But what makes Cellfina such a superior option? Here are three reasons Cellfina rocks:

  1. It treats the underlying cause of cellulite, which yields smooth results that last.
  2. Side-effects and downtime are very tolerable. Bruising, swelling, tenderness, and leakage are all normal for one to two weeks. And while you can’t work out for around 6 weeks, most day-to-day activities are okay.
  3. The studies say it all: 100% of patients had noticeable improvement after treatment, and a whopping 93% of patients were still happy with their results after three years.

If you’d like to learn more about our San Diego cellulite reduction options, we invite you to give us a call! All consults are free, and we’d love to help you feel great in whatever you wear (or don’t wear!).

Read Amy’s full account here.

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