Curious About ThermiVa? Hear About One of Our Patient Care Coordinator’s Experience!

Here at LJC, we’re all pretty excited to offer our patients ThermiVa™, a non-surgical feminine rejuvenation treatment that can help women feel confident and comfortable. We recently spoke with one of our patient care coordinators about her ThermiVa experience. Here’s what she had to say!

What concerns were you hoping to address with your ThermiVa treatment?

My two primary concerns were urinary incontinence and vaginal dryness. As someone who enjoys fitness and athletics, urinary incontinence can greatly impact your activity. Playing soccer, I had to make sure I was wearing a pad. I would bring my own seat to spin class because I didn’t want to be embarrassed by a wet seat when I was finished. It was awful.

When I heard about ThermiVa, it was the first time I really considered treatment. Most other procedures to address these issues are quite invasive and expensive, such as having a bladder sling or mesh placed. But then ThermiVa was announced, and I decided I really had nothing to lose: it was comfortable, non-invasive, and was working wonderfully for so many women.

Was there anything about the treatment that made you nervous?

Not at all! The only thing that was a bit strange was having it done here where I work, which I think would be slightly personally uncomfortable for most. I got over that really quickly—everyone was wonderful and professional, and the process was simple.

How did you prepare for your treatment?

Depending on your treatment (internal, external, or both), you may be asked to shave the area. It’s important to do it a few days in advance so the area is not too sensitive during treatment. Other than that, there wasn’t anything else I had to do.

What did your ThermiVa treatment feel like?

Totally comfortable. Prior to treatment, they apply the same gel used for ultrasounds, which allows the ThermiVa wand to move more easily. You can feel the heat coming from the applicator, but it was only about a degree or two warmer than my own body temperature. Noticeable, though not at all uncomfortable.

How long did your treatment take?

My treatment only took around 30 minutes. For those who are having the entire vulvovaginal area treated (both external and internal), expect it to take just a bit longer. It was surprisingly quick and easy!

Other than how simple the process is, was there anything else surprising about the experience?

I know I’m repeating myself, but it was such a pleasant surprise how benign the entire process was. You find yourself wondering if it’s actually going to work because it seems so unbelievably simple. But it does work.

Were there any specific aftercare needs or activities you had to avoid?

Not at all. I was able to resume normal physical activity and get back to work right away. You can even resume intimate activities the same day! There’s no anesthesia to come down from and no downtime or recovery period. It’s amazing.

So, no side effects?

No negative ones! I haven’t experienced anything but positive results thus far.

When did you start seeing results?

I saw an improvement by day four—it was almost miraculous. Previously, I couldn’t go running without a significant amount of leakage. And intercourse was sometimes uncomfortable because of vaginal dryness. Both issues were improved and continue to improve. I’m much more comfortable day to day, and that’s after just a single treatment!

How many treatments are recommended?

The typical treatment course involves three separate sessions spaced one month apart. In my experience, I’m thrilled with the results after my first treatment. I will likely have another treatment performed soon to even further improve my incontinence issues and see if I experience more of a tightening effect.

What would you say to women considering ThermiVa?

Do it! It may seem like a high price, but when you consider how much it addresses, how much it can improve your life, and how little an impact the actual procedure has on your activities, it’s worth every penny. You can have a vaginoplasty performed, but you’ll have to avoid intercourse for at least two months. There’s anesthesia, discomfort, downtime—and it only addresses vaginal tightness. ThermiVa can improve so many things.

Who is a good candidate for treatment?

Any woman who is concerned with lax vaginal tissues, whether it’s affecting intimacy with your partner or causing incontinence, as well as women who would like to restore natural lubrication. There are so many factors that can contribute to a woman feeling unhappy or uncomfortable with her vulvovaginal area, and ThermiVa can likely help. I promise you’ll be amazed by your results!

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