3 good articles to help you dress for your body shape this spring

Trinny and Susannah give advice for dressing for your body typeDoes anyone else notice that articles about dressing for your body type are popping up everywhere these days? Here are links to 3 helpful clothes-for-the-body-type articles that have caught our eye. Each can help you to pick out clothes that flatter you, whether before or after cosmetic surgery.

  1. Trinny and Susannah, perennial sources of good fashion tips, have a wonderful guest post on understanding their 12 women’s body types. Their frankness is refreshing.
  2. Sometimes About.com is a waste of time, but not in this case. Check out their list of articles about dressing for your body shape.
  3. And, of course, a fashion magazine makes the list—check out this guide to flattering any figure.

If you have a favorite “How to dress for your body type” article, feel free to leave it in a comment.

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