Intimacy Not What It Used To Be? Vaginoplasty May Help

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For those of you who are wondering, what is a vaginoplasty? It is a plastic surgery procedure that tightens the muscles around the vagina, which results in an increase in tightness and contact during sexual intercourse.

It is one of the most common feminine rejuvenation procedures for women after pregnancy and childbirth. For many patients, vaginoplasty proves to be a truly life-changing procedure, helping to improve your ability to enjoy sex, restore self-confidence, and even enhance your personal relationship with your partner.

For many women, childbirth can cause the vaginal tissues and surrounding muscles to stretch permanently, so that the vaginal tissues lose tone and strength. For others, age-related changes have caused a similar loosening of the vaginal tissues. As a result, both a woman and her partner can experience a feeling of looseness and dissatisfaction during lovemaking.

While non-surgical options such as Kegel exercises can help strengthen the muscles around the vagina, these exercises will not make the tissues tighter. Most of my patients who have tried these exercises say they have made no difference in their ability to enjoy sex.

The vaginoplasty is tremendously more effective—we can literally size the vagina to make it as tight as you like. During the procedure, the muscles around the vaginal wall are tightened, some of the lining is removed, and the diameter is reduced. It is a one hour procedure done as an outpatient in our surgery center, and the recovery is about a week.

If any of the following describe you, chances are you may be a good candidate for vaginoplasty:

  • Childbirth or aging has caused your vaginal tissues to lose tone
  • Sex is not as satisfying as is used to be
  • It feels like there is a mismatch in size between you and your partner
  • You are not planning on having any more children

There is no need to let the effects of childbirth or aging keep you from fully enjoying your intimate relationships. When you are ready, I encourage you to contact our office to schedule a personal consultation. At your appointment, my nurse Cristina and I will discuss the details of this surgery and answer all your questions.

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