Longer Eyelashes Are Now Possible With the Help of Latisse

The quest, for long beautiful lashes, is something women have dealt with forever. There are those lucky ones that everyone envies. They have long, thick curving eyelashes but they are in the minority.

Now there’s a new product on the market that was developed as a result of a glaucoma eyedrop. In 2001, patients taking a medical product to lower inner eye pressure in people started noticing enhanced eyelid growth. Allergan developed this into a treatment to be applied to the base of the eyelashes.

In their clinical trials, they found that 78% of their study patients had a noticeable increase in eyelash growth. Latisse is thought to work by extending the duration of the growth phase of the eyelashes as well as increasing the number of hairs in the growth phase at one time.  The only side effect that was shown during the trials was increased brown pigment in the eyelid skin which occurred in 3% of those in the trial.

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Before and after photos courtesy of Latisse.

Latisse is available by prescription from LJC.

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