PODCAST: Meet the Team: Julia Jowett, PA-C, MSHS

Julia Jowett, PA-C, MSHS joined the La Jolla Cosmetic Medical Spa team in 2019. Whether you’re about to meet her for the first time or have been a patient for years, listen in to hear Julia’s philosophy of treating patients, why she believes being a good listener is the key to getting great aesthetic results, and how her surprising adventurous spirit led her to take bold risks which ultimately brought her to La Jolla Cosmetic.

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    Speaker 1 (00:07):

    You’re listening to the La Jolla Cosmetic Podcast.

    Monique Ramsey (00:14):

    Welcome everyone to the La Jolla Cosmetic Podcast, I’m your hostess, Monique Ramsey. And today, if you’re listening to this episode, I’m guessing it’s because you want to get to know our guest today a little bit better. Perhaps you’re considering a consultation or you already have an appointment, you’re just curious. Whatever your reason we’re here to help you. So, I want to welcome Julia Jowett to our podcast. Am I saying it right even?

    Julia  Jowett (00:44):

    Yes, you nailed it.

    Monique Ramsey (00:50):

    Okay can we take-

    Julia  Jowett (00:50):

    No one ever gets it right.

    Monique Ramsey (00:50):

    I’m like I realized as I’m talking I’ve never said her name out loud in front of her, is this right?

    Julia  Jowett (00:58):

    Yes. It’s perfect.

    Monique Ramsey (00:58):

    Perfect all right.

    Julia  Jowett (01:00):


    Monique Ramsey (01:00):

    Jowett. Training and credentials are really important. And, so we’re going to ask you about those in a moment, but first I want to ask, what do your patients usually say about you?

    Julia  Jowett (01:12):

    I think that I am approachable, that they feel comfortable talking to me. Usually after we go through a consultation, people say they feel a lot more relaxed and at ease. And I think it’s nice to just get to know somebody before you commit to this really in-depth process with them. You know, you’re spending money, you’re spending time, your trust, and really feeling like you have an actual connection with them. And I try to really achieve that with patients and let them know I’m a person. I understand how scary some of this stuff is, especially if it’s your first time doing something. So, I get that a lot.

    Monique Ramsey (01:44):

    Yeah. And what have you learned from listening to your patients? Does that help you sort of, by hearing the themes in terms of their questions, or the things that they’re apprehensive about, what have you gathered from that process?

    Julia  Jowett (01:59):

    Well, I think that the longer that I’ve been in aesthetics, I am aware of all the different types of treatments, you know, I have such a wide knowledge base. And I have to remember that somebody coming into this completely new they don’t have that same knowledge base. And so when they come in a lot of times what they’re saying is “I don’t want to look like an alien. I see that person over there and I don’t want to look like them. And I think that that’s, what’s going to happen to me if I come here. Or my husband thinks that”. And so what I remember every time I talk with somebody is to really understand what their view is or their impression of aesthetics. What are they nervous about? What are they thinking in the back of their mind could this go wrong? How could it go wrong? Making sure I answer all those questions and just really diving into how that happens, why that happens, why we don’t have that happen at our clinic. But I think is consistently something I hear from most people.

    Monique Ramsey (02:51):

    That makes sense I think, especially with social media, we’re all exposed to crazy stuff every day. And so then you start to think is that normal? Is that what’s going to happen to me?

    Julia  Jowett (03:04):

    Well, and I think I remind people a lot of times people like to look that way, or they lose sight of how they look. And so they come in and they want a certain look, and maybe that injector or that provider is known for getting that and that’s great. That’s a subset of people, but that’s not the norm. Majority of the people walking around that have had some sort of treatment are undetectable, and that’s typically the goal. And so I think once they hear that and kind of understand that that’s both of our goal, our goal is to keep you natural. It’s to keep you looking like you but refreshed. It kind of takes this weight off their shoulders that okay, I don’t have to worry about this anymore, I know that we’re on the same page.

    Monique Ramsey (03:40):

    Yeah. And why do you think it’s important to listen closely to what they’re saying?

    Julia  Jowett (03:44):

    Well it’s their face. As much as I have maybe things that I see and I’ll communicate that to them as well, I want them to walk away from the process really achieving what they want to achieve. And if that is something that that goal can be met non-surgically, I will achieve that for them. If it isn’t and it’s not realistic and maybe it’s more of a surgical consideration, I will be honest with them about that as well. The nice thing is that we have both of those options. So if I consult with somebody and I realize, you know what, this just isn’t a good fit, they’re never going to get this goal with CoolSculpting. They really need liposuction and a tummy tuck, and let’s talk to the surgeon about that. But if you don’t really hear the goals or really get to know the person and what they’re looking to achieve, then you might miss something and you might not really get that end result that you want.

    Monique Ramsey (04:34):

    I think that shows up in reviews. Patients who maybe weren’t listened to at a clinic then give a three-star review because they’re just underwhelmed because they didn’t really get what they wanted. And when you have a four or five-star review it’s somebody who’s really satisfied and did get to that goal. So as a consumer it’s good for us to say what are our ways we can get to know Julia and get to know her personality, and we get to see her results in before and after pictures, I meet her, I understand her expertise, I read her bio. But there’s also that component of reviews. And I think that’s where you’re saying okay, what do other people think? And ultimately, did you listen to them to get them what they wanted and are they satisfied?

    Julia  Jowett (05:20):

    I think that’s one of the best compliments I receive when I read a review about me, and I see that they were so happy that I listened. And it’s not something that you think, you think okay results or other components to it. But listening and it’s actually you realize that’s a special thing. A lot of patients will say I went to another consultation and the doctor didn’t listen to me at all. Or they rushed through it, or they just tried to sell me something. You know, you forget that we’re in such like a warm, happy little bubble environment where there’s never any pressure for anything. The goal is always do what’s best for the patient, and I forget that it’s not like that everywhere. When they come here, they can sense that, and they can sense that we just want to do what’s best for them.

    Monique Ramsey (06:01):

    Great. Let’s get to know you Julia. Tell us about yourself.

    Julia  Jowett (06:07):

    So I initially grew up in Virginia and then at about eighth grade I moved down to Florida near Clearwater, Tampa area. I was there until college and then I went to my undergraduate at the University of Georgia. Then I went to PA school at George Washington University.

    Monique Ramsey (06:23):


    Julia  Jowett (06:23):

    And then I came here. There was a little stint I was in the Virgin Islands in between school.

    Monique Ramsey (06:29):

    Ooh, tell us about that.

    Julia  Jowett (06:30):

    It was one of my like spontaneous moments of before I started grad school, I went down there with a one-way ticket and said let’s just see what this is all about. And loved it, stayed and made some lifelong friends.

    Monique Ramsey (06:42):

    How long were you there?

    Julia  Jowett (06:43):

    I was there for a little under a year, I went back twice. So I went for four months and then again I was like four months later I went back again and then I had to go start school. My parents would have killed me if I never came back.

    Monique Ramsey (06:55):

    Well, at least you did it. I think that’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

    Julia  Jowett (06:58):


    Monique Ramsey (07:00):

    So what was your educational path in terms of so you’re in Florida and then you go do your undergrad and what was your undergrad what did you study?

    Julia  Jowett (07:09):

    Yeah, it was in psychology, and it was one of those majors of I don’t know what I want to do let’s just pick psychology until I figure it out. And once I learned, you know, my father is one of those people that just is very like let’s make a list, let’s go through pros and cons, let’s pick a nice field for you. And you know, when I discovered what a PA was I thought that sounds awesome because that sounds like you don’t shut a door for yourself by picking an avenue, you’re picking something that just leaves all these doors open. Little did I know where this would take me, I had no idea.

    Julia  Jowett (07:37):

    When I picked that I thought okay, well, if I want to work in an ER I can, if I want to work in a primary care office I can. I went to school, I picked one of the top programs in the country, which George Washington is one of the oldest and one of the top ranked. And I thought I’m never going to get in, I’m just going to apply see what happens. I’m probably not going to get in anywhere. Somehow I got in that program and I thought you know what the stars are aligning, this is just what I’m meant to do. I went through the training and it was, you know, right before I moved out to San Diego I thought okay, I don’t really know what I want to do still. I have this awesome degree now what?

    Monique Ramsey (08:13):

    So what made you decide okay, San Diego is my spot?

    Julia  Jowett (08:16):

    I came out here to visit between college and grad school, and I thought I really want to move there. But at the time there weren’t any PA programs out here, and I knew I wanted to go to PA school that was just my goal, but it stuck with me. I thought you know what, at some point that place just seems like heaven and I would love to live there.

    Monique Ramsey (08:34):

    It is heaven right?

    Julia  Jowett (08:37):

    It is. And it just stuck with me, you know, through school and even after living in the Caribbean, and I thought oh, I’ll go back down there that’s really what I want to do. And then something was holding me back from committing to that. And I thought you know what, I’m just going to give San Diego a try. Same thing I had a one-way ticket out here, I didn’t know anyone. I said let’s just see what happens.

    Monique Ramsey (08:54):

    You are so adventurous, I would never have guessed this about you. I love learning new secrets about people. I mean, because you’ll meet Julia she’s so sweet, she’s gorgeous, she’s just so kind and sort of quiet not crazy, but then you’re like oh yeah one-way ticket let’s do it. I love that. Okay, so was there a life event or trigger that made you say I want to go to PA school? Like, what was that-

    Julia  Jowett (09:22):

    I think it was the combination of being able to help people, but still being able to feel like I had the opportunity to have a career that would support myself. And so I think when you’re navigating that, that was something my father really instilled in me is that he wanted me to be able to work, make enough money to make a good living not ever rely on anyone. And I also wanted to feel like I could give back to people. And so I didn’t know where that was going to happen. You know, I looked in like business or even in psychology there’s a lot of ways to achieve that, but nothing spoke to me. The further along in the program I got I thought you know what, I just want to see what PA is about.

    Julia  Jowett (09:56):

    And I think the more experience I got, I think a huge thing was when I went down to the Caribbean and I realized like how important access to health care was, and how there’s just still so much work to be done in so many ways. And you know at that time I thought I’m definitely going to work with underserved communities, and give back to the community in some way, which I think still has happened, I think just in a different way than I ever saw. I think what I do now it’s a combination of psychology and health care in a way that is still helping people feel better about themselves. So it kind of tickles like both things that I really wanted.

    Monique Ramsey (10:31):

    Yeah that’s really true, it is so much. And I think being able to understand where the patient’s coming from, and why sometimes things like let’s say acne scars can be debilitating for people. And you have a way with lasers to be able to help minimize them and give them a whole new found confidence. Some people can say oh, it’s superficial and crow’s feet like who cares? But some of us have things, we all have things and sometimes it can really be a burden. And so being able to understand that where this person’s coming from it’s not a frivolous thing, do you find that?

    Julia  Jowett (11:12):

    That’s one thing that always it still catches me off guard because a lot of the things that I do they are routine, a lot of Botox, filler, laser, and I get in a rhythm of just this is what I do. And then I’ll have a moment in the day where I’ll say I injected for example, I’m thinking of a patient that I’ve treated for a long time. She finally decided to have filler. We did a really conservative amount, and she just burst into tears when we were done. And she just said, “I’ve been feeling so self-conscious about this. I didn’t want to apply to other jobs because I just felt like I looked so tired and like nobody would want to hire me.” And I thought, wow, this subtle thing that I did that’s just part of my day I inject filler it was life-changing for her. And it’s the same thing with lasers. Like you mentioned, even the podcast we’ve done about miraDry we talked about that.

    Monique Ramsey (11:58):

    I was just thinking about that, I was just thinking about miraDry.

    Julia  Jowett (11:59):

    It’s a simple procedure, and every time I treat somebody I think this is probably going to change their life, and it’s something that I just do as part of my day-to-day job. But, you know, when somebody comes in for something like this, they’re being vulnerable, they’re talking to you about their insecurities and you don’t know them. You’ve never met them before, and they’re opening up about these things that I don’t like about myself and trusting you to change them or to help them. And you know, I never take that for granted.

    Monique Ramsey (12:22):

    Yeah. Oh, what a wonderful, fulfilling type of position to be in. I think that’s really wonderful. So what does a perfect workday look like for you? Give us a day in the life of Julia.

    Julia  Jowett (12:35):

    One of my favorite things about working here is there’s never a day that’s the same as the day before. There’s always a nice combination of procedures. I love laser, it’s my wheelhouse. You know I have a laser for everything at this clinic, but I also love injectables. And there’s such an artistic side, especially when you’re combining treatments. So if I have a day where I have a resurfacing and a CoolSculpting and a couple of filler and some Botox, I walk out of there smiling. Because, it’s just…I get to do a little bit of everything, I get to use different parts of my brain.

    Monique Ramsey (13:05):

    So what procedures do you love to do and why?

    Julia  Jowett (13:09):

    I think my favorite procedures, and I get asked this a lot. And honestly, the answer can change by the week, you know, what my mood is. One of my favorite procedures is resurfacing, skin resurfacing. And we have one of the best devices to do that with. It really is…I mean, it’s an amazing machine, it’s called the Sciton. And I do a lot of something called TRL, which is a full field resurfacing. So patients that have little etched lines in the skin that no matter what you can’t put makeup to cover them up. If you did something mild like a micro-needling or a mild laser, not going to touch them. But when you do a full field resurfacing treatment to them with a TRL, it is a game changer. And that is just…every time I do one I get little butterflies because I know how good it’s going to look. And then when we see them come in for follow-up and they look 20 years younger, it’s just, nothing else can compare to that. I also love doing filler. I think that that’s something that every patient’s face, their anatomy is a little different. There’s a new challenge, there’s a new assymetry. It’s never easy, but it’s always really rewarding, so I love that as well.

    Monique Ramsey (14:13):

    What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

    Julia  Jowett (14:16):

    Well, if you had asked me that question seven months ago I probably would have had a different answer, but right now it’s play with my baby. I have a little girl named Briella. She just turned seven months on Sunday, and she’s just a joy. She’s so much fun. And so, I mean any moment I have I like to just hang out with her.

    Monique Ramsey (14:35):

    Now what would you want our listeners to gain from listening to today’s podcast?

    Julia  Jowett (14:41):

    I think just if you’re ever nervous about any component of this process, whether it’s the consultation, whether it’s the procedure, whether it’s opening up to somebody or talking to somebody about things that you are insecure about or that you want to just learn more about, feel comfortable. You know this experience does not need to be scary, it does not need to be hard to navigate or confusing. We will simplify it for you, and know that there’s never any pressure. And that’s something that I can genuinely say from somebody that’s an employee at the company. I never have to talk to somebody about why a consultation didn’t end up moving forward with a procedure. I can just say it wasn’t the best choice for them, or it was better suited for them to do X, Y, Z. So there’s never any of that in this company.

    Monique Ramsey (15:25):

    Now where can people find out more about you?

    Julia  Jowett (15:28):

    Well, I know that my bio is on our website. I think that’s the best place to really start. I have an Instagram and my name on Instagram is San Diego injector, I thought I’ll keep it really simple. And if you look at it, there’s not much, but I do want to build it more. With a seven month old-

    Monique Ramsey (15:47):

    Now that you’re back from pregnancy and maternity leave you can slowly but surely, hey a little bit at a time every day.

    Julia  Jowett (15:54):

    But, I do love it when patients they’ll tag me on there or share things on there, so it’s still something I check and I use. It’s one of my goals it is just seven month old right now.

    Monique Ramsey (16:06):

    Exactly. Well, thank you so much for all your time today.

    Julia  Jowett (16:10):

    Thank you.

    Monique Ramsey (16:10):

    It was fun to get to know the secrets of Julia.

    Julia  Jowett (16:12):

    I know this was fun.

    Monique Ramsey (16:15):

    All right. So you can find more information about Julia, see her reviews, before and after photos etcetera, on our website, you can follow her at San Diego injector on Instagram. And then in our show notes we’ll have all the information in terms of, you know, links and ways to contact us. And if you subscribe to our podcast, there’s a little reward. So be sure to check the show notes for that. And I think it’s if you show us that you’re subscribing, then you get $25 off $50 or more in our med spa. So let’s ask you Julia, if you had $25 free to spend off $50 or more, what would you buy?

    Julia  Jowett (16:55):

    I love SkinBetter products.

    Monique Ramsey (16:58):

    SkinBetter. Which is your favorite SkinBetter product?

    Julia  Jowett (17:00):

    The Alto,

    Monique Ramsey (17:01):

    The Alto Defense, which is the-

    Julia  Jowett (17:03):

    It’s the antioxidant. Yep. And that one I think it’s just… No matter what’s going on with my skin, it fixes it I don’t know how.

    Monique Ramsey (17:11):

    Do you use it once a day or twice a day?

    Julia  Jowett (17:13):

    Twice a day.

    Monique Ramsey (17:13):

    Twice a day okay. See there you go. Her skin you can’t see I can see, her skin’s beautiful, flawless.

    Julia  Jowett (17:20):

    Especially post-pregnancy it was like… You know, and I will say, I do give some credit to Elastin as well, their restorative treatment after I had my baby. You know, it was just dry and lax and all of that and it just healed everything back up.

    Monique Ramsey (17:35):

    Yeah, you look fabulous.

    Julia  Jowett (17:36):

    Oh thank you.

    Monique Ramsey (17:38):

    All right. Well thanks everybody for listening. Thank you Julia for your time, and we’ll see you all on another podcast with a La Jolla Cosmetic Podcast. Thanks, bye.

    Speaker 1 (17:53):

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