Microneedling Treatments Brought Out Danielle’s New Mommy Glow

Danielle Reyes looking down and smiling
Danielle Reyes smiling with her new glowing skin after microneedling treatments

SoCal lifestyle blogger Danielle Reyes (@daniellealanareyes) is a new mommy who figured that at five months postpartum, her skin deserved some pampering after the hormone changes it went through during pregnancy. She chose the professionals at La Jolla Cosmetic to get the job done and give her skin the boost it needed after bringing a child into the world.

LJC’s Virtual Consultations: Convenient for New Moms

Danielle attended her consultation appointment from the comfort of her home while the new baby napped, and easily scheduled her series of three microneedling treatments. LJC’s star injector and laser specialist Julia Jowett, PA-C, and Danielle agreed that microneedling was the best option for her needs. Microneedling is ideal for patients like Danielle who are looking to alleviate the appearance of fine lines, scars, and pores. Danielle received three microneedling treatments in 2021: one in July, one in August, and one in September.

LJC’s Microneedling Treatments Behind-the-Scenes

Danielle vlogged her whole experience at LJCSC via Instagram Story to give her followers a behind-the-scenes look at our office. She even took videos as she received each microneedling treatment. Her Stories walked followers through the process of getting the close-up “before” photos, applying numbing cream and waiting for it to set, and receiving the treatment. After each treatment, LJC would send her home with goody bags of the proper products to use post-treatment.

Danielle all smiles in the procedure bed after receving her third and final microneedling treatment
Danielle shares her excitement for results after receiving her third and final microneedling treatment (credit: @daniellealanareyes via Instagram)

One Happy, Confident Mom

Danielle was impressed with the results after her final treatment, quickly noticing less scarring, clear skin, and even texture and pigmentation. The treatment targeted her acne scarring, fine lines, and overall texture of her skin, just as she hoped it would. 

“​​Now that it’s said and done, I’m super happy to have gotten this ‘me’ time for my skin and that I was able to improve the condition of it overall. A big shoutout to Julia Jowett, PA-C (my laser specialist) that gave me 5 star service & so many helpful recommendations as I start this journey with my new and improved skin.“

– Danielle Reyes

As a new mommy, “me” time is so rare and so rewarding, and we are so happy Danielle chose LJC to make her feel comfortable and bring out her new mom glow. We are also very thankful to her for sharing her full LJC experience in such a detailed manner that made readers/viewers near and far feel as if they were in the chair at our MedSpa.

See Danielle’s side-by-side before and after:

Close-ups of Danielle before and after microneedling treatments
Danielle before receiving any microneedling treatments (left) and after receiving three microneedling treatments at LJC (right)

Watch Danielle’s full LJC experience:

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