No more baby face: Mata’s Ultherapy journey to a defined jawline

Mata Leiataua looking downward in the driver's seat of her card wearing an LA ball cap
Mata Leiataua rocking her newly defined jawline (credit: @mataleiataua via Instagram)

Problem spot that goes way back

Since before her high school days, content creator Matalasi Leiataua (@mataleiataua) has been insecure about her jawline from the profile angle. La Jolla Cosmetic took this information and took the best possible action to raise her confidence.

With a more youthful face than most women her age, Mata has never had a defined jawline, and something that specifically bothered her was a pinch of extra skin under her chin that runs in her family’s genetics.

Mata had her virtual consultation with injector and laser specialist Brittany Haley, RN, where the two discussed the area of concern so Brittany could lay out all of the possible options. Prior to her consultation, Mata thought all of the options to sharpen her jawline would be more extreme. Brittany helped put her mind at ease by explaining each option in depth and sharing which one seemed like the best choice for her. 

Non-invasive procedure for jaw defining

Mata knew from the start that she wanted to alleviate her problem area through a non-invasive procedure with a natural result. With this in mind, Brittany recommended Ultherapy, an ultrasound-based treatment that allows providers such as Brittany to visualize layers of the skin and send a pulse to them. This pulse allows Brittany to customize Mata’s skin to tighten around her jaw. Brittany recommended Mata receive filler after the Ultherapy procedure in order to sharpen her jawline, and Mata trusted her expert suggestion.

A still from Mata’s Instagram video of nurse injector Brittany performing the Ultherapy procedure on her (credit: @mataleiataua via Instagram)

Mata shared a video on her Instagram Story of her receiving the treatment. In the clip, Brittany explained that she customized Brittany’s skin by doing more superficial pulses when necessary. She went in deeper underneath the chin area where more shaping was needed. LJC performed a total of 530 pulses on Mata.

“I love that in addition to being effective and allowing you to really target genuine areas of concern, the purpose of Ultherapy is to stimulate collagen, which is really an important factor that we should all be considering in our skincare.”
– Mata Leiataua

Aside from the skin feeling tender to touch for about 10 days after the procedure, Ultherapy does not include much downtime post-procedure. The skin starts to noticeably firm up in treated areas after around four weeks. Results are gradual, and changes will slowly but surely become more defined.

We are so honored to have been the ones to help Mata become confident about a part of her body that bothered her for so long. She seems happy with her results and proud to show off her tightened neck and defined jawline, and we are here for it!

See Mata’s progress photos below:

Side-by-side of Mata's profile before (left) and after (right) receiving Ultherapy and filler and LJC
Mata before receiving any treatments at LJC (left) vs. after receiving Ultherapy and filler at LJC (right)

Watch Mata’s full LJC experience:

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