Pamela’s Double Chin is a Has-Been

Pamela walking on a crosswalk, looking downward
Pamela feeling confident in her skin while out and about after receiving CoolSculpting and VOLUMA treatments at LJC (Credit: @lifeontrend via Instagram)

Orange County fashion and lifestyle blogger Pamela Mendez (@lifeontrend) lived her life with one specific insecurity brewing in the back of her mind: her double chin. Prior to connecting with La Jolla Cosmetic, she was unsure of the options available that would alleviate this confidence suppressor, but also suited her preference for a non-invasive procedure.

Best Non-Invasive Procedure for Double Chins

During Pamela’s virtual consultation with LJC, our injector and laser specialist Brittany Haley, RN, sat down, listened to her insecurities and preferences in solving them, and helped her pick out the best procedure that would suit her needs. In an Instagram Story announcing her plans, Pamela said she made sure to ask all the important questions related to the procedure, and Brittany had a helpful, educational answer for every one of them.

Feeling confident and comfortable moving forward after her consultation with Brittany, Pamela stuck with her original plans and chose the non-invasive route with little recovery. Brittany recommended CoolSculpting Mini to Pamela, and the two decided the best option for her was a combination of two Cool Mini sessions followed by Juvéderm VOLUMA™ XC injections to enhance and improve the appearance of her neck, chin, and jawline.

Pamela’s CoolSculpting Experience

Pamela shared a video on her Instagram Story of Brittany filling her in on the deets of the procedure in the last moments before going all in, expressing how comfortable she felt with the transparency between the two of them.

Since her procedure was non-invasive, Pamela was able to fill the prep room up with snacks, drinks, a cozy setup, and Netflix for entertainment during her first session. Brittany performed 45 minutes of CoolSculpting on each side of Pamela while she kicked back and watched a movie.

Pamela shared the highlights of each appointment via Instagram, giving her followers an inside look at not only our beautiful office but also her beautification process, from her first CoolSculpting treatment to her last appointment, where she received the boost of Juvéderm VOLUMA™ injections to truly define her jawline.

Pamela sitting in a chair at the LJC office as nurse injector Brittany adds her Voluma injections
Pamela shared a photo on her Instagram Story of nurse injector Brittany Haley adding her Voluma injections after both CoolSculpting Mini sessions (credit: @lifeontrend via Instagram)

Bye Double Chin, Hello Confidence

Four months after her first CoolSculpt Mini appointment at LJC, Pamela was over the moon excited to share her results with her followers. She shared her final results via an Instagram Reel, along with some clips of her final appointment with Brittany to get the icing on the cake: Voluma injections. Pamela’s first CoolSculpting appointment was on August 23, 2021, and her final results shined through in December 2021.

See Pamela’s Progress Photos Below:

Comparison photos of Pamela's jawline and chin from the side in Aug. 2021 before receiving treatments at LJC (top) vs. Dec. 2021, after receiving treatments (bottom)
Pamela before receiving CoolSculpting and VOLUMA treatments at LJC (top) vs. after 2 rounds of CoolSculpting treatments and 1 round of VOLUMA filler in jawline and chin (bottom)

Watch Pamela’s Full LJC Experience:

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