PODCAST: LJC Team Reacts To New Beauty Awards: Part 1 – Skin Care Products

New Beauty tests hundreds of products each year and selects the best of the best in each skin care category. LJC’s aesthetician Janine brings her 25 years of experience working with medical grade products and treatments to share her thoughts on the 2023 New Beauty award-winning products available at LJC.

It may be tempting to follow skin care trends, but Janine recommends starting your search for the best skin care regimen by recognizing your concerns, sharing them with a medical professional, and then finding the best products for both protection and correction of your specific skin type and concerns.

Hear Janine’s professional opinion on the following NewBeauty award-winning products and find out whether they’re an ideal fit for your skin type:

  • SkinMedica Neck Correct Cream
  • EltaMD UV Clear Broad Spectrum SPF 46
  • Colorescience Sunforgettable Total Protection Brush-On Shield Glow SPF 50
  • Alastin A-Luminate Brightening Serum

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Meet Carlsbad licensed aesthetician Janine Kier


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Speaker 1 (00:07):
You are listening to The La Jolla Cosmetic Podcast.

Monique Ramsey (00:09):
Welcome everyone to The La Jolla Cosmetic Podcast. I’m your hostess, Monique Ramsey. And today we are starting a little New Beauty, best of beauty awards series. And this is part one. So there’s so many amazing products that new beauty tests each year. Huge list of winners. There’s like 299 or 399 winners of kind of the best of the best. And so we wanted to share with you the ones that we carry and the things that we feature in our office. So today I have a special guest, Janine Kier, and she’s our aesthetician. She’s up in our Carlsbad office every day. So you can have her work, her magic on you up in Carlsbad. Welcome Janine. I wanted to just, you know, thank you for coming on so that we can talk about these products.

Janine (01:05):
Thank you. Very excited to be here.

Monique Ramsey (01:07):
So Janine are, if you’re like me, we want all the products but kind of are also overwhelmed by all the choices. So how do you think about buying skincare products?

Janine (01:20):
So it can be very, Monique, very overwhelming. Um, what I generally, especially with my patients throughout the 25 years now, is really looking at products in terms of both correction and protection. So if there is a concern that as we all most have, whether it’s hyperpigmentation, brown spots, acne, fine lines, loss of elasticity, could be cumulative of many of them. Or if there’s one issue or concern, um, that’s generally where I start. Where once you can find that product, ideally with an esthetician that can gear you in the right direction, then go from there. And of course protecting your investment.

Monique Ramsey (02:00):
Right? So New Beauty, you know, they’ve been around a long time, probably close to 20 years now and they’re helping us out cuz they’ve done that research. You know, they’ve been giving these best of awards for years now and there’s a wide range. There’s everything from haircare to injectables, which we’ll be talking about to skincare, you name it, they’re talking about it, which is cool. And the things that we sell in our office, we believe in, you know, we vetted them, we use them ourselves a lot of times. And so that’ll be fun to dive into today that what are the shared things, the things that won the new beauty award for 2023 and that also we carry or that you can get through us. So, and just a quick reminder, if you’re a member of our GlamFam VIP loyalty club, you get 15% off of all your skincare products that are sold in the office. We don’t have a way of doing it through the online portals, but we do for all our office sales. So just reminder. So what’s your first one you wanna talk about, Janine?

Janine (03:02):
My absolute one, especially for correction, Monique has been my holy grail for at least a good four to five years that I gravitate towards because I’m actually seeing a difference, which is which all of us want. And that would be the Skin Better Alpharet Overnight Cream. That one is a retinoid topical, it has prescription strength Tretinoin, so it’s one in which is time release. It’s mixed with lactic acid glycolic. They have two different versions. There is an intensive which is at an 18% glycolic. The original is at a 10%. So they’re very doable, Monique, in other words, you can use it like I always described to patients, assuming you had no idea you had plans for dinner or an outing with friends. And if you, you’ve used it the night before, there’s no redness, there’s no flaking. I always tell when it’s the benefits of a Tretinoin, your Retin A if you will, but without the redness or flaking.

So you don’t have the irritation, you don’t have the reasons why you go, oh I don’t wanna use that. It’s the, oh I wanna use it. Cause the next morning, Monique, your skin is luminous. It is absolutely.

Monique Ramsey (04:11):

Janine (04:11):
Oh, even if you’re like, oh I’m only pulling in six hours sleep. It is, no, it is my absolute that one, or especially to Monique, if somebody happens to tell me, Hey, I know I’m supposed to get in every, ideally every four to six weeks for professional skincare treatments, HydraFacial, Diamond Glow, Dermaplane. But something’s coming up. Even maybe this summer you’re like, you know, I’m gonna be traveling. Is there a product that’s gonna save my skin so it doesn’t look like I haven’t had treatment. That would be the one again, the Skin Better Alpharet Overnight Cream, very gentle for all skin type sensitivities.

You can still acclimate using it maybe once, twice a week. I always recommend, I’m definitely more conservative the older I’ve gotten. So I, for example, recommend a Sunday night and then maybe a Wednesday night. So you’re giving 24, 48 hours just taking a very conservative approach. You don’t need to, but just starting off. And then the following week, maybe a Sunday and then um, a Monday, Tuesday. So you’re building where you can use it, ideally anywhere between three to five nights out of the week. You don’t have to use it seven. I do recommend on your off nights, maybe using, for example, like the Neocutis Bio cream, the firm. That one is amazing. So it’s always about balance. I always recommend put balance in the skin. So you’re incorporating growth factors. Oh my goodness, hyaluronic, it’s peptides with the uh, Neocutis. So there is a cream that is going to help in hydrating. And so if there is some slight dryness with the Alpharet you’re always compensating. You can use that of course on the off nights if you’re doing a Monday, Wednesday, Friday routine with your overnight cream. But that one’s yeah, amazing. Absolutely amazing.

Monique Ramsey (05:50):
Well, and it’s interesting because I wouldn’t think that they would put a retinol in an eye cream, cuz you would think, oh, it’s gonna get all like crusty or whatever. But at the same time, I’ve been the person who’s been like putting on the retinol and like cheating up there because I wanna get that area. So that’s neat that they have something that’s safe and that you know, you’re not gonna have, I mean it’s built for eyes and it’s

Janine (06:16):
Absolutely the eye max is so everyone would ask, oh you know, I have creepiness, I have dryness. I want my eyes brighter. So think of it as a resurfacing eye cream. So that one you can use even three, five nights again, same as uh, the facial overnight cream. And not to confuse anyone, but there is for the face and then there’s for the eye and the eye max is specific to the eye area, but super, super gentle. There’s, I never have redness, I don’t have irritation, but I will in the morning compensate with, for example, there interfuse eye cream. So there is a, a daytime eye cream that has caffeine hyaluronic, so it’s um, squalene. So it’s very hydrating. So it, again, all about balance, but they’re all amazing. Absolutely all amazing. You can tell I absolutely love that skincare line.

Monique Ramsey (07:05):
So what do you wanna talk about next? What’s your next one?

Janine (07:08):
I love their vitamin C product, which I actually have. I’m very visual. I have their Alto Alto Advanced.

Monique Ramsey (07:17):
Oh. Okay.

Janine (07:17):
I love their vitamin C. So their vitamin C has 17 antioxidants. This one has been proven to be that much more potent and effective than the gold standard of the SkinCeutical C and E, that everyone I’m sure is well aware of. But this one has 17 antioxidants including your vitamin C, vitamin E. It also has anti-inflammatory. This one has turmeric, this one has mushrooms as well. Um, so shitaki mushroom. Yeah, there’s, there’s all these great, um, ingredients. So I know which is very calming. So it’s great for all skin types, all sensitivities.

Monique Ramsey (07:55):
And that was, again, it was Skin Better, right? Skin Better.

Janine (07:58):
Skin better. Right.

Monique Ramsey (08:00):
And that’s a, it’s a great line. And we’ve had it for maybe close four or five years now. We’ve had it and our patients are, I have only used a few of their products, but our patients are like, you know, crazed about it. Yeah, it’s really cute. And if you follow them on social media, they do a lot of giveaways. They do. So hot tip, you know, and they’ll say tag your aesthetician or tag your med spa. And so cuz I’ll see it in our Instagram feed, we’re getting tagged and they’re talking about their favorite Skin Better. So it’s sort of a cult community. It’s kind of cute.

Janine (08:33):
Yeah. It really is. I’ve had new patients, if you will, coming for treatments and once they find out you guys carry Skin Better, oh my gosh, I’ve been looking for this. So it is truly just products that have been proven, like you said, they’re receiving awards 15 times over, three times over. It’s one little sample. Everyone’s like, my goodness, this is really a game changer because of the lack of downtime, the less irritation and within two to three weeks you’re seeing that result and on top of you’re coming in for professional treatments that that all comes together.

Monique Ramsey (09:06):
Right, right. And let me ask you something. Now a lot of products you can get online through other retailers isn’t Skin Better. Like you have to get it through a licensed office or something.

Janine (09:17):
I was just gonna say that too. So it’s not available on, and it shouldn’t be on Amazon. So you’re getting, as far as the efficacy, the purity, the legit product should only be through your dermatologist plastic surgery center. Absolutely.

Monique Ramsey (09:32):
Yeah. Okay. Now I wanna pivot to a product I used before I came on today. So the Skin Medica Neck Correct Cream won the award, New Beauty award, of course, for best neck cream. And it’s a two ounce package. So it lasts, you know, like each pump is one serving size I guess. So you put one pump on your neck if you wanna also put a, a pump on your decolletage, you can do that too. But it’s a wonderful thing. But here’s something I’m interested, like I know I should be using and I use it and I feel like I, I feel like things are better, but like, I’ve not done a side-by-side picture, but like how can a cream really improve the neck?

Janine (10:11):
Well it helps with toxicity, texture even, uh, we get to a certain age. So it’s gonna have proprietary ingredients that are gonna help to firm. So this one has peptides, it has hyaluronic also mushrooms as well. The shiitake mushrooms. Um,

Monique Ramsey (10:27):
Shiitake mushrooms are getting around right from dinner to the, you know, seriously to the makeup counter.

Janine (10:34):
It really does have, now again, with these products, all of them, and I really want to make sure to address this, that it’s consistency, Monique. So the more frequently you’re using this product morning and night, that’s where you’re seeing the result. And again, as long as you’re wearing sunblock because it can, if there’s no UV protection, that’s, that’s sensors correct and protect the skin. But it’s in absolutely incredible. Less is more during the day. Please follow with sunblock for sure though.

Monique Ramsey (11:00):
Right. And I use it twice a day.

Janine (11:02):
Good. Yay.

Monique Ramsey (11:03):
Every day. The only time I, I’ve been really good about it cuz I, I started, I’ve hit an age where I’m like, I gotta do this like all the time now. And I wish I’d done it all. I wish I’d done it all 20 years ago also. But that’s okay. You know, baby steps. Yeah. But I think that consistency part that you’re, you’re talking about is really good. And, and I think that’s one of those things that some people are like, I can’t do a seven step routine every night and every day. It’s like, okay then you guys, you, you know, come see Janine and she’s gonna help you get the three best things that you could do. Or if youre only willing to do two, like let’s get the right two.

Janine (11:40):
You nailed it, Monique. That’s uh, oftentimes, especially with lifestyle, if I realize, okay, it’s a mom, she’s working. Matter of fact, yesterday I had a woman who was, owns her own business. She has no time. So, and I get that. So I only have the potential for two products. It would behoove you to have them at least a, they’re gonna be cosmeceutical lines, they’re gonna be, whether it’s Skinmedica, Skin Better, Neocutis, Elastin, all of those lines have been proven tried and true. So there’s a reason why La Jolla Cosmetic carries them. There’s a reason why a medical aesthetician has been using this for 25 years. I mean it’s, it is definitely what I call game changer. So just making sure that if there are just two products that you’re using, if at that, there definitely products that are gonna deliver. So there’s um, you’re not having to add on more and more.

Monique Ramsey (12:33):
Right. Right. So the next thing you alluded to, and especially with all of us here in San Diego and the Sun finally out, that we need sunscreen.

Janine (12:43):

Monique Ramsey (12:43):
Every day. And so what we have two we’re gonna talk about today. The first one is won the award, the new beauty award for best sunscreen for acne prone skin. And it’s the EltaMD UV Clear Broad Spectrums SPF 46. And that’s an everyday sunscreen. It’s $41, which is not bad at all and it can be used on the face or any really anywhere you want. So what is the part of this sunscreen, why it’s good for acne prone skin?

Janine (13:17):
So that one is a very lightweight, if anything with dealing with acne, skin, oily acne prone, their biggest concern is gonna be the feel and texture of that. I want it lightweight, I want it disappearing. I don’t want it obviously exacerbating acne conditions, et cetera. Or being irritating if there is an acne spot treatment or topical that they’re using. So that one specifically is a physical block. So it’s your zinc oxide, titanium. Zinc oxide has more of an anti-inflammatory. So it’s very healing on acne-prone skin. It has niacinamide, it’s oil free, it’s so lightweight. Disappears on the skin. That one the minute I have anyone try in the back of the hand. Oh my gosh, that is, so they’re thinking back to perhaps of days of the sunblock being thicker and just you want a sunblock that actually Monique makes your skin look better. Cuz if it looks better too, it feels better, you’re gonna gravitate towards that. And that would make me so happy. That’s just, absolutely.

Monique Ramsey (14:20):
Now is this tinted or is it clear or is it white?

Janine (14:23):
So this one’s clear. So they do have, there is a, a tint and the tint is very light. So more of that skin tone tint for usually most skin types. But they do have a version that is clear, that’s completely transparent. So that, yeah. So no worries of being that white ashy.

Monique Ramsey (14:40):
And is this also good for someone who has either rosacea or hyperpigmentation, does it,

Janine (14:45):
Absolutely. Absolutely. Um, again, for the anti-inflammatory properties, there’s no worry about flareups. It’s very calming. And the tinted too, also will neutralize and disguise any of that redness. So it’s kind of a two for one. You’re, you’re okay, I’m able to, you’re able to cover a little bit and calm and soothe and not exacerbate acne.

Monique Ramsey (15:07):
Yeah, I think that being acne prone and oily my whole life, like you just cringe before you wanna put it on, or not this, but any sunscreen, you’re like, uh, what’s it gonna be like? And it, it’s gonna clog my pores. And, and of course we, we need, we still need the sun protection. Now it’s interesting that this is the first time the product has won in a best of new beauty award. But if you go to the Elta website and look it up, it’s actually won 11 best product awards between from InStyle and Women’s Health and a bunch of others. So it’s a really like tried and true fan favorite. And I think you really can’t go wrong at $41. Just try it. Just one more question on the Elta MD. This one, it doesn’t say it’s waterproof. So is that

Janine (15:54):
This is more of your every day. So this is, you’re going to work, you’re going to school, you’re running about, but for the beach, I wouldn’t, especially if it’s, there’s water sport, um, you’re, you know, surfing, you’re in the pool, it’s not water resistance. So that I would definitely take note of that. You’re reapplying.

Monique Ramsey (16:11):
And what do you, like if you were gonna say, okay, this same patient, let’s say who’s maybe acne prone and wants that, what would you transition them to for a day at the beach?

Janine (16:22):
Oh gosh. Elta MD has fabulous and they’re even a little bit larger too, cuz oftentimes a small one, especially for body or face. But Elta MD does have water resistant, uh, sunblock as well. So, but they’re so ma that’s the beauty with that line. And everyone’s like, gosh, they have so many to choose from, I’m like, I know there’s mattifying, there’s tinted, there’s dewey, there’s post procedures. So really based, yeah, it’s, it, it can be overwhelming , but it’s amazing. It it’s a good thing. It’s a good thing. They have so many options.

Monique Ramsey (16:53):
So segueing in but staying in the same, you know, sunscreen area. So here’s an and and I love this because you got, I, I’m such a San Diego homie. Like I was born and raised here. I’m second generation San Diego. And so when I find a company who started here in San Diego and based here in San Diego, I just love it. And so Color Science is a San Diego company and they have won the New Beauty award for Best Powder SPF. And so a lot of people in the audience, this has been around a long time, but not a lot of you may know about a powder SPF and what’s called Sunforgettable Total Protection Brush on Shield Glow SPF 50. And so tell us about this product and why you love it.

Janine (17:43):
So this product was introduced to me years ago and it is most easiest product to apply. Uh, it is in a retractable brush device that you can apply to your face, to your hands, to your decollete. It is strictly a zinc, it’s a physical block for one. So it is blocking the UV, it’s sponsored by the Skin Cancer Foundation. It’s safe and appropriate for infants and children over the age, I believe six months. It comes in different, uh, tints, which generally are arranged between light, medium and dark. It is so easy, Monique, you can literally be at a red, which I don’t encourage, but out of red light and just apply your sunblock. And especially for those that are, oh, I’m oily in the summer. I don’t, I can’t even look at the um, Elta MD for example. I just, I don’t like cream. I just get very oily, especially with my T-zone.

It is amazing. Um, so it is, it will help to matteify you. Doesn’t dry you out if for mature skin too. And you’re like, I’d love to use it. It just, it’s a powder. My skin doesn’t agree. After you apply it, you can mist with any kind of a, a good facial mist that just disperses like an Evian type of misting water. So the mica from that product binds to water so it goes to more of a satin skin tone finish. So cuz that’s always been the kinda the concern, oh no, no, no powder, my skin’s too dry. I’m like, just you wait, so we just apply it no mist. And then they’re like, oh my gosh. I’m like, yep. So that’s a little trick. So if you do have it at home, of course just making sure it’s um, preferably a good facial. Good mister that nothing, you know, with alcohol or anything bad.

Monique Ramsey (19:28):
Two things that I remember about it is, one is it won’t break down based on a lot of heat. So say you keep it in your car and your car heats up to whatever 118 degrees, it doesn’t matter. It won’t degrade. And that’s huge. So you can keep one in your car, you can keep one in your purse, you can keep one at home and just always have it. And then for me and any women in the audience it, you’re always saying you have to reapply. I’m like who’s gonna reapply? You’ve done your whole face and makeup, you’re not gonna like,

Janine (19:56):
The struggle is so real . It’s so true. So there are companies that are thankfully coming to fruition with products that oh that’s what I can do and men use it too. Yeah, that’s absolutely. I’ve had more moms tell me thank goodness for that product cuz I get my kiddos, especially boys or girls you just dusted on and they’re good. Yeah. So definitely is helpful and it doesn’t get in their eyes, especially with irritation. That’s another point. Mm-hmm . Yeah.

Monique Ramsey (20:26):
Okay. So that’s kind of the innovative sunscreen that we wanna talk about. The next one I wanna segue to another San Diego company is Alastin. We love Alastin and we’re actually gonna start carrying Alastin in our surgery center cuz um, we haven’t had a lot of products down there in a while. And so you’ll be able to buy it upstairs, downstairs and in Carlsbad. So the one that we’re gonna talk about today, they won for best brightening serum. And we don’t actually, we don’t, we carry the brand, we don’t carry this particular product but at our shop dot ljc s c.com, our online store, you can hook into Alastin and you can buy it that way cuz you have the whole product range from, we only have so much shelf space. . I know, but this is, so the A-Luminate Brightening Serum is a serum. It’s $168. So tell us a Janine uh, a little bit about like who is this for? Who needs this?

Janine (21:24):
This is for all skin types. So when I’m asked always about any vitamin C or particularly about the Alastin, think of glow, you’re getting the absolute gorgeous glow. It fights free radicals, this product will help to stimulate collagen, it has anti-inflammatory, it’s completely safe. Um, in terms of your oily acne prone, it’s non-comedogenic, it absorbs so beautifully. So this product, as with all our other vitamin Cs are, it really is a matter of trying it, but less is more and you would use it um, morning and night. So that it’s absolutely incredible. We’ve had no issues with irritation or anything like that.

Monique Ramsey (22:06):
Okay. And in the morning you’re gonna cleanse and then maybe if you have a toner or not, then where do you use this serum?

Janine (22:14):
So thing which I really always like to describe cuz as other, you know, you’re bringing on board patients, oh I have this, can I incorporate with this? And if they love it, absolutely as long as it’s a good product in terms of ingredients, think Monique to the lighter viscosity product. So we’re always gonna on dry skin if there’s a toner, so be it let absorb, then you’re gonna follow with your serum. So in this case would be your Alastin A-Luminating just a tiny, tiny bit less is more. Everything’s super concentrated. I usually generally wait about two to three minutes. I’m doing other things. So there’s in the morning I don’t have time, you know, so it’s moving on. Then you can follow with your eye cream, then you would follow with your moisturizer and then you would follow with your sunblock. So generally that’s the rule. Now of course there are other great products, uh, such as our t n s essential, so we can also, you know, plug and add in. But generally rule of thumb is the lighter viscosity, your serums, your creams, and then final step will always be your sunblock.

Monique Ramsey (23:15):
Okay. And so we kind of covered all the New Beauty ones, but did you bring any other or have any other things you wanna talk about that maybe are hitting Janine’s top 10 list or something?

Janine (23:26):
Yeah. Oh my goodness. Well thank goodness you said that. One of my favorites now I love absolutely Elta MD Sun Block. I love using uh, the Sunforgettable Forever an absolute favorite for the past probably three years at least has been the Skin Better Compact and it’s an SPF 68 Monique, it, if you have not tried this, it’s literally, and it’s, I, you know, for somebody like myself with mature skin and um, a combination too, you can still have oily and and rock it, but especially for um, I would say mature skin, it is a cream based sunblock. So it’s, it’s cream press sunblock that has tone adapting qualities to it. So it’s one tone that you have a compact, you have a little sponge, you apply it. SPF 68, which blocks UVA, UVB, it blocks blue light infrared. It is absolutely amazing.

And it’s what I’m wearing right now. Um, I will add. Yeah. Oh yeah, this is, this has been my jam and it is, you know, it leaves your skin looking like gorgeous skin. It is absolutely. It’s undetectable. It’s easy to throw into your bag. It’s all mineral. So in case the sponge does not hold bacteria, which is good cuz I was like, ooh sponge. But that one has been my absolute favorite. Um, so it’s, uh, I’ve hit pan many times, but that again, that one’s by Skin Better and it’s their Tone Smart SPF 68 compact. So that one’s one of my favs.

Monique Ramsey (25:00):
You know, I saw, it’s interesting that you’re saying it’s tone smart, cuz I saw a picture of it and it looks sort of green and I was like, what is that?

Janine (25:08):
Right? Yeah. Or dark. Now I’m super fair and I can rock it. Now they they do have a version that’s clear that does have, it’s, it’s a very, it is pretty transparent there. I will be honest. There’s a little light residual left of that zinc, so it’s not a hundred percent transparent as what the Elta MD, but um, so I tend to gravitate more towards the, uh, Tone Smart, but that one’s absolutely.

Monique Ramsey (25:34):
And do you then put your makeup up on top of it?

Janine (25:35):
Yeah. Then you can do, like for women, if you wanna do a little concealer, you can do blush. You, you can powder if you needed to, which you don’t need to. It leaves more of a, a satin finish. So you’re not matte, you’re not dry, nor are you oily. So it’s that beautiful in between of true skin that, that I really appreciate and love.

Monique Ramsey (25:54):
Nice, nice. Any other hot tips for us, my dear?

Janine (25:58):
Oh my goodness, everyone coming in for their monthly treatments would be to yeah, really emphasize and just bring these beautiful products to fruition with the gorgeous glow. Absolutely.

Monique Ramsey (26:10):
Yes. Well, and don’t they penetrate better too?

Janine (26:13):
Absolutely. Well, especially if there’s a buildup of dead skin cells with, you know, our natural skin cell cycles about a good four weeks as we get older starts to slow down. So these products can only do so much if it’s been, oh, I haven’t been in, in, you know, whether it’s been six months a year, it’s, oh my goodness. So once you start coming in for monthly, I usually recommend four to six weeks apart. So that really will allow all these products to penetrate and make even a greater difference in the skin too.

Monique Ramsey (26:43):
And yeah, and probably just laying down more smoothly. Now, something that I am so excited about, and it’s something that you kind of brought to the forefront for us here at La Jolla Cosmetic is Dermaplaning and you’ve been doing it for years. We used to do it way back in the nineties when we had Biomedic, we went to Biomedic school in like 1994 and they had us with our little razors and we were, we were dermaplaning our thigh. She’s like, okay, get your thigh and you’re holding, you know, so like it’s been around right for a while. But then there was a long time where California didn’t want aestheticians doing it. They wanted it to be an RN. And so when we transitioned from having our RNs do the skincare to aestheticians, it was like, well we, I’m sure people out there do break the law, but we weren’t gonna, well now the laws changed, right? So as of last year, you guys can do it legally, but that’s something that you’re super familiar with. So give us a, just a quick synopsis of who you do it for, how often you do it, what is Dermaplaning?

Janine (27:49):
So Dermaplaning, I’ve been dermaplaning since back in 99 and also with Biomedic. That’s funny you said that. Dermaplaning to the mass audience is a, I always call it a small little butter knife blade that this blade will remove all the vellus peach fuzz on the face very gently in addition to all those dead skin cells. So it is an anti-aging treatment that stimulates collagen, the facial hair too, so you don’t have to worry does not grow back darker or thicker. It’s because of the exfoliation that the hair does come back generally u uh, usually about three to four weeks. Um, you can combine it with other treatments that we have, for example, HydraFacial Diamond Glow, or you can of course have it as a standalone. But this treatment, Monique, what I tell everybody literally and every, every time I bring this up, they’re like, gosh, you’re so spot on with it. It’s once you start, it’s like getting Botox. Once you start, there’s no going back . Seriously, it is li it, but

Monique Ramsey (28:48):
I mean if it works, it works, right?

Janine (28:50):
It just, and leaves your skin like glass, you could be a very light, light pink. So any special events, wedding reunions, festivities where you’re like, okay, I I want no worry of any, uh, pinkness, um, irritation. I always recommend at least 72 hours in advance. And if you have hypersensitive skin a good five days, but rule at thumb, you are a very light, light pink if at that, that dissipates and just using very soothing, hydrating products, whether it’s Neocutis, um, the bio cream firm. So we have topicals that we can always recommend to help calm and soothe, but it’s a non retain treatment that just gives you that gorgeous glow. So your products work so much more effectively. My goodness. Makeup, if you wear makeup sits beautifully.

Monique Ramsey (29:37):
Well, I’m really excited that we’re do, we’re offering that now. And so where can we find you, Janine? Like if people are interested in, you know, chatting with you about getting on a skincare regimen and you know, just getting that glow that you have. Aw, . So let’s, let’s get what Janine, I’ll have what she’s having . So

Janine (30:00):
I am, I’m so excited to be offering treatments. I am Tuesday through Saturday by appointment over at the Carlsbad location. So La Jolla Cosmetic, we are at the beautiful Beacon, um, shopping center, so right at that corner of El Camino and La Costa. So it’s on and off the freeway. Beautiful. Um, new restaurants opening up all around. I mean I have, I’ve had patients now coming all the way from past Temecula and they’re just, I love Oh yeah. They’re like, I love this area. My girlfriend and I, we make it a day. Oh, it’s absolutely gorgeous. So

Monique Ramsey (30:34):
There’s a lot there, there’s a lot of really fun boutiques and, and like you said, the food is great and if you can look good while you’re doing all those things, why not.

Janine (30:42):
Exactly. Ample parking, you don’t have to, so yeah, it is definitely, it’s a in a perfect beautiful little spot. So that’s, that’s where I’m there, full-time.

Monique Ramsey (30:51):
All right. And so a couple little reminders that Glam Fam does save you 15% on all our skincare products. Then one thing I forgot to mention when we were talking about the neck cream from Skin Medica, when you sign up through, you go to our, our website, we have our products and it’ll takes you to our little product sub site. And when you launch into Skin Medica from there, you’re still tied in with us. It’s got the little La Jolla Cosmetic logo, but when you sign up for autoship, you’re gonna get 20% off and you’re gonna earn Alle points. So dollars that go towards Botox or Latisse or you know, you, if you get Juvederm, like all of those things you might be getting right help you have rebates towards your skincare and vice versa. So they auto ship, it’s free shipping, it comes to your house. You can say, okay, I want it every 45 days or every 60 days. You can change it, you can modify your subscription super easy. But that’s like the best, it’s the secret that some really savvy people know in our patients who are like, I can look and see all the savvy ones who sign up and they just have it come into their house because you don’t wanna run out and parking and whatever. It’s like yeah. And you get 20% off.

Janine (32:07):
And the Alle points, I’m sorry, that is like once you say that.

Monique Ramsey (32:09):
I know the Alle points.

Janine (32:11):
Yeah. I mean, women especially out there can relate to with, um, when it comes to even like hard to plug, like Ulta, Ulta has the points. You and I get excited for $3 off. So imagine like, you know, it’s like, they’re like, oh, you have points. I’m like, yes.

Monique Ramsey (32:28):
Yeah, yeah, well, why not? You know, if they’re gonna give ’em to you use them. So double dip, whatever, .

Janine (32:33):
Totally. Exactly. Exactly.

Monique Ramsey (32:35):
And then also I wanted to mention for everybody, we’ll the, all the links in the show notes, but also then tune in. Next week we’re gonna have part two of our new beauty awards. We’re gonna be covering the winning treatments you can do in the office. So all the links from the show notes, be sure you subscribe to the podcast and put on your notifications so you know, every time we have a new one and they come out every Tuesday. And yeah. So thanks Janine, it was super fun to talk with you today.

Janine (33:04):
Thank you so much. Always so great to talk to you, Monique. You’re just absolutely beautiful inside and out, so it’s lovely to see you.

Monique Ramsey (33:11):
Thank you. We’ll see you all next time.

Speaker 1 (33:20):
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