The 12 Days of Beauty

It’s our 13th annual 12 Days of Beauty, featuring 18 dazzling new special offers. Available to all GlamFam members, these special holiday promotions feature deep discounts on packages and bonus items that aren’t available at any other time of year.

These offers are valid through December 31, and will vanish along with this special episode of the podcast on the last day of the year. It’s a great time to try a treatment or product you’ve been curious about, or give the gift of beauty to someone you love!

SECRET SANTA TIP: Don’t forget to listen all the way to the end for a special bonus promo code only for our podcast listeners.

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Speaker 1 (00:07):

You’re listening to the La Jolla Cosmetic Podcast.

Monique Ramsey (00:15):

Hello and welcome to the La Jolla Cosmetic Podcast. I’m your hostess, Monique Ramsey. And today is the day before Thanksgiving. And so, Producer Eva is the only person I could convince to be on the show with me on the evening before Thanksgiving.

Eva (00:33):

It’s my job to be here, so I didn’t have a choice.

Monique Ramsey (00:37):

So we’re going to reveal the 12 specials that are included in this year’s 12 Days of Beauty.

Eva (00:44):

Yay. Okay. But my first question is, there’s a lot more than 12 specials here.

Monique Ramsey (00:50):

Yeah. So that’s sort of why we put the plus sign after the 12, 12+ Days of Beauty. Yeah. We have, I think, 18 this year.

Eva (00:59):

How long did it take you to come up with 18?

Monique Ramsey (01:01):

Don’t even ask. It was a process.

Eva (01:05):

Do people request certain specials?

Monique Ramsey (01:07):

People do. People will start asking about it in October, because this is our 13th year of doing this. So people know, and they are waiting. You have to be a member of the GLAMfam to take advantage of these specials, but they’re the best specials of the year. And this year, they started just yesterday, and they go all the way through December, all of them. So some of them in the past have maybe been one day or just a few days. These all go through the end of December.

Eva (01:37):

Okay. So I assume there’s something for everybody in here. We’re going to get there. But before we do, I want to tell you that I’m going to try putting chapters on this episode. So if you’re listening, you will be able to jump between the specials, if you use a podcast player app that enables chapters. And so, when I listen to one of my favorite shows, it has probably 30 or 40 chapters. That app is called Podverse, and that’s the one I use to listen to that show. There’s a bunch of them.

Monique Ramsey (02:09):

Oh, interesting.

Eva (02:10):

Apple Podcasts, Spotify, the regular, white-bread, plain podcast players, they don’t have it. If you want to jump around, just switch to a player that does have that.

Monique Ramsey (02:19):

And it was called, you said Podverse?

Eva (02:21):


Monique Ramsey (02:22):

Like the universe of podcasts?

Eva (02:24):


Monique Ramsey (02:24):

Podverse. Okay.

Eva (02:25):

It’s a great app actually. Really good.

Monique Ramsey (02:26):

It sounds because I sometimes see these podcasts out there and they’re like three hours long. I don’t have three hours. Oh, and did you want to mention about this is a magically vanishing podcast?

Eva (02:38):

Yes. When we get through the end of December, this episode of the podcast will disappear.

Monique Ramsey (02:45):

Just like magic.

Eva (02:46):

So if you go back looking for this one later, it means the specials have ended, and you’ll have to wait till next year, or subscribe to Monique’s email list so that you can get any special offers that she sends out.

Monique Ramsey (02:59):

Exactly. Exactly.

Eva (03:00):

And be a GLAMfam member.

Monique Ramsey (03:01):

And be a GLAMfam member. And we will have that link in the show notes, because you can buy that online now. You can renew or purchase online. You don’t have to come into the office or anything. And it’s 12 months from whenever the day that you join, so doesn’t matter what day you join. You’re all good to go for 12 months of getting VIP deals, like all these that we’re about to go through.

Eva (03:24):

Okay. So what’s the first one?

Monique Ramsey (03:27):

So the first one is Blitzen’s Botox Bonanza, and whatever we do with Botox every year is always our most favorite from our patients. This one is really cool because maybe you’re an existing Botox patient, you get a certain amount of units every time, but you’re kind of wondering about maybe treating another area and you want to experiment a little bit.

Monique Ramsey (03:49):

This special, let’s say you buy 30 units of Botox, you’re going to get six free; or if you buy 40 units, you’ll get 12 units free; or 50 units, you’ll get 16 units free. So kind of wherever you’re at now with your Botox, you could add another area for free and try it out and see.

Eva (04:13):

So, can you use your Alle points too?

Monique Ramsey (04:15):

You can use your Alle points. Yes. All of you, if you haven’t joined Alle, it used to be called Brilliant Distinctions. They turned it into Alle about this time last year. And that’s their VIP club where you earn points towards all the things in their portfolio. So if you’re having CoolSculpting, you’re going to get Alle points that you could use for SkinMedica or Botox or any of your purchases, JUVÉDERM. Yeah. If you happen to have bought a Alle gift card, you could use the gift card towards your purchase.

Eva (04:51):

Okay. And so, if I buy this Botox special of any size, do I have to have it all at the same treatment or can I divide it up?

Monique Ramsey (05:00):

Yes. You’re going to have it all at the same treatment. It’s all… Yeah. Same patient, same treatment visit. But I think it’s really nice because it’s going to allow you to try a new area. I think people have a misconception about it that they’re going to… The more units they have, they’re going to look frozen and weird. It’s really not the case.

Monique Ramsey (05:19):

If you follow what the FDA guidelines are on what they’ve approved Botox for, you end up with actually 64 units of Botox if you’re using it at the amount recommended in all the areas that are recommended.

Eva (05:34):

Sounds like a lot to me.

Monique Ramsey (05:36):

I know it does sound like a lot, but you know what, it isn’t, as coming to you from somebody who gets 75 every time I’m there. No, seriously. Really. Because by the time you treat your crow’s feet and you treat the area between your eyebrows, your elevens, as they call them, you treat your forehead, maybe you get a little lip flip, a little one or two units in, or your chin, the other place that they do it is they’ll put it in my chin, like below my lower lip.

Monique Ramsey (06:05):

Because as we age, I think we start to purse our lips a little bit, and then you get this wrinkly orange peel-looking chin, so it could go there. It can go in a lot of places. You just have to ask. These girls will hook you up.

Eva (06:21):

Be honest, Monique. I have not had a lot of Botox.

Monique Ramsey (06:24):

You haven’t?

Eva (06:24):

But I have had a lot of Dysport and I see that that’s your next special.

Monique Ramsey (06:27):

So why don’t you talk about the Dysport?

Eva (06:30):

Okay. Dasher’s Dysport Deal. Buy 150 units of Dysport and get 50 free. Now, I have had a lot of Dysport, but I will also admit I’m terrible at converting the same amount of Botox to Dysport. Do you know how to do that easily or is that just-

Monique Ramsey (06:47):


Eva (06:47):

… a great mystery of the universe?

Monique Ramsey (06:48):

I think I used to know. It’s like you multiply by three point something. You would think all the units are the same, but they’re not. Yeah. This is going to give you sort of an equivalent deal because you’re buying 150 and you’re going to get 50 free. Again, all in the same visit.

Monique Ramsey (07:08):

So our next one is really great. Okay. It’s called Frosty’s Filler Fantasy and it’s all about fillers, and there’s a lot of different kinds of fillers. So this is within the JUVEDERM collection of fillers, so like VOLUMA, VOLLURE, VOLBELLA, JUVEDERM Ultra. So we have a listing of the fillers on the special, but if you buy two syringes that are 1 ml, which is a normal size syringe, from any of that collection, you’ll get the third one 50% off.

Monique Ramsey (07:49):

If you buy three syringes, you’ll get the fourth free. And four syringes, you’ll get the fifth free, plus we’re going to give you a TNS Advanced+ Serum free, which is a $295 value. So that last one, that total value is up to $1,245 because you’d be getting a free syringe plus the TNS Advanced+ Serum. And there’s a great graphic, because I think when people go, “Four syringes? What? It seems like a lot,” but there’s a graphic that shows you how much filler actually… They put it in a teaspoon and they show you how much is 1 ml. It’s not very much. It’s small.

Monique Ramsey (08:35):

So you know if you’re doing your cheeks, one cheek, the other cheek, a little bit on your lips, maybe your temples, you can easily get to four, or if you’re wanting to chisel your jawline a little bit, do a little chin augmentation, you can easily go through quite a few syringes. So that’s why we’re doing this where you can save… The more you buy, the more you save.

Eva (09:01):

I have never seen that big of a special on four syringes anywhere, so I would bet that that one only comes up once a year.

Monique Ramsey (09:09):

Absolutely. And we did something like it last year, but not quite this amazing. So, you know, it’s all about giving back. We love having our GLAMfam members be part of the fam, and what’s the point of joining?

Eva (09:22):

And then the next special has a free syringe from the JUVEDERM collection of fillers in it too, which is called ‘Tis the Season for Thread Lifts. Now, we recorded at least one episode about thread lifts a while back and I was shocked at how awesome this treatment has gotten.

Monique Ramsey (09:42):


Eva (09:43):

If you think you know anything about thread lifts from the past, get rid of that and start over. Go listen to that episode, and then come get this special, which is, receive a free syringe from the JUVEDERM collection of fillers with your thread purchase of $3,500 or more up to a $950 value.

Monique Ramsey (10:03):


Eva (10:03):

And that also includes VOLUMA, VOLLURE, VOLBELLA, and regular JUVEDERM.

Monique Ramsey (10:08):

Regular, old JUVEDERM. Yeah. People love thread lifts because they give you that instant gratification. You have an instant lift, it gets better over time because your body is stimulating collagen, and then having a filler really can top it off because you might need a little pull along your jawline that you’re trying to fix with the threads, but then maybe your cheeks need a little bit more definition, and that’s where the filler is going to come in, or you could use it for your…

Eva (10:36):

How many days are you down with a thread lift?

Monique Ramsey (10:39):

It depends on how many threads they’re putting in and where they’re putting them. I had some kind of more recently in my forehead and it was no big deal at all, because you’re not making as many expressions. If it’s more around your mouth, you have to just sort of be careful. You don’t want to be with your funniest friend because laughing is a little bit hard because they want you to be kind of careful for a few weeks because they don’t want those threads to move.

Monique Ramsey (11:08):

You don’t want them to move from where they put them, and they need a little bit of time to kind of settle in, hunker down in your body.

Eva (11:16):

But could you get them and go to a holiday party today, tomorrow, next week?

Monique Ramsey (11:19):

You could.

Eva (11:20):

As long as no one was funny?

Monique Ramsey (11:21):

Right. Exactly. As long as no one was funny.

Eva (11:24):


Monique Ramsey (11:24):

You might have a couple Band-Aids where they actually insert them. Usually, they put a little round Band-Aid along the side of your face from the injection point. I mean, I don’t know if I would go to the Christmas party the same day. Nobody would know. They certainly wouldn’t know. But do you want to be worrying about, “Am I going to pop a thread?” or something?

Eva (11:46):

Yeah, probably.

Monique Ramsey (11:48):

But it is a great treatment. Our next one is Fa-La-La-La-La-Lasers, and it’s 20% off all laser treatments and 25% off when you treat three areas. For example, face, neck, chest. Now, this one, you can have your consultation now and have your treatment in January. This is for treatment in January and you would just prepay now and have it then, because I don’t even think we have any time left in December for having lasers.

Monique Ramsey (12:23):

Now, the one caveat on this is it does not apply to laser hair removal. This is more the HALO, the MOXI, like a TRL, BBL, lots of things, but not laser hair removal.

Eva (12:38):

So it says, “For example, face, neck, and chest.” Could you do arms or legs?

Monique Ramsey (12:43):

Probably. Yeah. I mean, if we can treat it. Or your hands maybe.

Eva (12:48):

Hands. Yeah.

Monique Ramsey (12:49):

Hands. That’s a big one that people don’t think about, but hands is great because you do end up with some kind of brown spots or sun damage on your hands.

Eva (12:59):

All that Glitters is Gold is the very sparkly title of the next one, and it is, save $550 on a series of three full-face AQUAGOLD Microneedling treatments. Regularly $2,700, now $2,150. Your AQUAGOLD infusion cocktail treatment includes the following: 20 units of Botox, half syringe of VOLBELLA, and uh-oh. Tran?

Monique Ramsey (13:28):

Tranexamic, I think. Tranexamic acid.

Eva (13:31):


Monique Ramsey (13:32):

I’m not sure how to pronounce it quite honestly.

Eva (13:34):

But at least it’s defined here for us. It says, “Lightens and brightens melasma and rosacea,” and I know what both of those are. Melasma usually happens when you’re pregnant and looks a little bit like sun damage, but it’s kind of splotchy, tan. It’s very hard to get it to go away. And rosacea is red.

Monique Ramsey (13:56):

And AQUAGOLD is a really cool little device. It’s like a little round… Like if you thought of like a stamp for a letter, it’s just a round little thing with little needles. But in that, they can put the Botox, the VOLBELLA, whatever they’re going to treat you with, and then they actually stamp, like you are microneedling your face but then it’s infusing those items in. So it can help with pore size, it can help with…

Monique Ramsey (14:26):

You know what, actually also, I heard just the other day that it can treat facial sweating. For people who… We had a patient who was getting miraDry and they were having facial sweating, and so you use the Botox and the AQUAGOLD and kind of infuse it in and it can help with facial sweating for people who have that issue.

Eva (14:48):

Is there another microneedling special? I know there is because I’m looking at the list.

Monique Ramsey (14:54):

Actually, Eva, now that you asked, I will talk about it. Microneedling Under the Mistletoe. Save $750 on a series of three full-face microneedling treatments with PRP, and PRP is platelet-rich plasma. And so, it’s normally $3,750, now it’s just $3,000, so you’re getting a really good savings on this. And the microneedling is usually done in a series of three because you’re going to get a good result after one, but even better after two, and after your third, it’s going to look really, really good.

Monique Ramsey (15:33):

So PRP, platelet-rich plasma, they actually draw a little vial of your blood, they put it in a special centrifuge, and it separates out. That platelet-rich plasma comes to the top, so it’s like this wonderful goo that’s going to help you heal faster. It helps enhance the results of the microneedling, but the fact that it makes you heal faster is way better, because we’ve done it with both where people didn’t get the PRP and people who did, and you heal quite a few days quicker.

Monique Ramsey (16:08):

And if there’s extra, it can be injected under your eyes, it could be injected in your lips. It’s growth factor, so it’s good stuff.

Eva (16:17):

This is another one where you can prepay and your treatments are carried out over-

Monique Ramsey (16:23):

Over time. Yeah.

Eva (16:24):

… the future? Yeah. And then the last one in the lasers and facials group: number eight, Let it Glow. Treat yourself to a luminous glow with a series of SkinMedica Illuminize Peels. Buy three and receive the fourth free. This is a $150 value, now just $$450 and regularly $600. So this is a great deal, and I know this is a very popular peel that just about everyone one can have and then everyone who has it absolutely loves it.

Monique Ramsey (16:57):

Absolutely loves it. And there’s really no downtime. You’re not going to have days of peeling. This is that more to give you that beautiful glow without any significant downtime. And what you can do is, you have the series of three and you can keep the fourth one for yourself or give it to a friend. You’re going to buy it now. We can give you a certificate that you can hand to a friend in that fourth one. Give your girl friend a glow.

Eva (17:25):

I think this might be my favorite special because any special where you can justify me buying something for myself during the holidays, in the name of giving someone else a gift, I’m completely on board with this thinking.

Monique Ramsey (17:39):

Yeah, let it glow. Pass the glow along.

Eva (17:43):

Share the love.

Monique Ramsey (17:44):

Share the love. Exactly. And that SkinMedica peel, by the way, people, SkinMedica Illuminize Peel, you’re going to earn AllÄ“ points. So again, anytime we’re talking about JUVEDERM, CoolSculpting, Botox, SkinMedica, all of these things, DiamondGlow, any of these things, you’re going to earn AllÄ“ points on your purchase, which converts to cash off of the next thing you’re doing, so just remember that. It’s kind of a nice little side bonus.

Monique Ramsey (18:12):

All right. Now, we’re going to talk about devices. Things you can do with devices on your face or your body. And the first one is Merry & Tight with Ultherapy. Now, Ultherapy is kind of the gold standard for non-surgical lifting and tightening. They actually have FDA approval to say, they can claim that, that they lift and tighten, which is huge.

Monique Ramsey (18:38):

So we have two Ultherapy treatment specials for the face. One is called the Ultimate Brow Lift, so you’re going to save 20% off your Ultherapy brow lift when you couple it with any toxin treatment of $300 or more. That means Botox, Dysport, XEOMIN, whatever, whichever your flavor that you like, as long as you’re having $300 or more, which is pretty easy to do, then you’re going to get 20% off your Ultherapy brow lift. And usually, those are done not in the same treatment. You’re going to have one and then the other, and your provider will help you map that out, but that would normally be $1,150 for that brow lift with Ultherapy, and it would be just $920 with this special.

Eva (19:27):

And even without the special, that seems like a really good deal.

Monique Ramsey (19:30):

Yeah. Not everybody realizes how great Ultherapy is. And especially for people, it’s not going to be as great for somebody who is 60. You’re going to get some benefit, but it’s for the people who are like, let’s say you’re in your 30s and you’re kind of doing some prejuvenation treatments before you really need it. You’re going to save yourself a couple years of aging by treating it early.

Eva (19:54):

I think the secret of understanding why you would get a brow lift is that it opens your eyes up so much, right?

Monique Ramsey (20:00):

Yes. Yes.

Eva (20:00):

Because everything just sort of shifts north and then that includes what’s just under your brow, which is your eyes. Yeah.

Monique Ramsey (20:09):

Yeah. And Ultherapy, so it can treat more than just your brow. It actually can treat a lot of different places on your body. But our next special that has to do with the face and Ultherapy is called the Ultimate Smooth. And so, if you purchase a lower face and neck Ultherapy treatment, you can get 50% off your chest, which is a $1,750 value.

Monique Ramsey (20:32):

So it’s nice to treat the whole area, your face and neck and chest, because especially being here in Southern California, we wear things that are more revealing more of the year because it’s warm enough to do that. Our chests get sun damage. And so, to be able to have that looking really young and youthful and having that chest done at the same time, I think, is really great.

Eva (20:58):

Now, can you combine these two specials together and get both?

Monique Ramsey (21:01):

You could. I don’t see why not.

Eva (21:03):

You’d get the treatments at the same time?

Monique Ramsey (21:05):

Yeah. Yes. For sure. So they could to do your face, neck, chest, brow all at the same time. The toxin, whether it’s Botox, Dysport, or XEOMIN, would be done at a different visit, just because the Ultherapy is putting heat in that area, and I think you can do the toxin a couple weeks later.

Eva (21:25):

So can you do Ultherapy on the body too?

Monique Ramsey (21:27):

You can. You can. It’s really pretty magical what it can do, because it uses heat and it’s going to stimulate your body to produce collagen, so you’re kind of getting a little lifting and tightening treatment. And then over a few months, your body is building collagen in the areas that are treated.

Eva (21:49):

It would follow that we would have an Ultherapy special for the body too, would it not?

Monique Ramsey (21:54):

It would follow.

Eva (21:55):

Okay. I got to know how you came up with the title of this one.

Monique Ramsey (22:01):

So this one is called Save Some Gelt Body Combo. And I’m going to say it directly, the quote that she said to me. So we have a girl who works with us that Eva and I’ve both known for many, many years, April, and April is Jewish. And so, she put in the notes as we were working on these specials. She says, “I’m sorry, but when a Jewish girl joins the marketing team, we have to have a special.” So I have Save Some Gelt.” And she also wanted to do these body combos, because she keeps hearing about the providers doing these combination treatments for the body, and not a lot of people know about it, so this is sort of April’s baby special. This is her special.

Eva (22:50):


Monique Ramsey (22:52):

So I’ll let you go into it.

Eva (22:54):

Okay. For Hanukkah through December 31st, it’ll be lit like a menorah on the eighth day with 20% savings on these body treatment combos. Save 20% when you combine Ultherapy and threads to tighten up your tummy. Save 20% when you combine Ultherapy and threads to tighten up the front of your thighs. Now, this actually raises more questions for me because I did not know you could use threads to tighten your tummy and your thighs.

Monique Ramsey (23:25):

Apparently you can. And I’ve heard about people getting threads to help lift their knees. All you have to do is, when you come in or you have your consult with your provider, talk to them about where else they can throw those threads because it’s pretty amazing. The next one is another body procedure, ‘Tis the Season to be Freezin’.

Eva (23:48):

Love a rhyme.

Monique Ramsey (23:48):

I made that up. Yes. This is what I do in my free time. I think about how I can rhyme my specials.

Eva (23:55):

What rhymes with CoolSculpting?

Monique Ramsey (23:57):

That’s why we’re freezing.

Eva (23:59):


Monique Ramsey (23:59):

Nothing. So Jack Frost would be proud when you buy four or more CoolSculpting Elite cycles, and the Elite is the brand new machines that we have. You’re going to get a one-time Alle instant rebate of 200. So again, this is why you’re going to want to join Alle. So we have a limited amount of those to give out, so sort of a first-come, first-served basis, but you’re going to get 200 off.

Monique Ramsey (24:23):

But now, we’re also going to let you double-dip that offer with your GLAMfam holiday pricing, and this is special pricing too. This is not what we do every day. So our GLAMfam holiday pricing is, one to two cycles would be at $625 each. They’re regularly $750 each. Three to five cycles would go to $$525 each. Six or more cycles would be $425 each. And again, it’s regularly $750, so you’re wanting to treat to completion.

Monique Ramsey (25:01):

If you have, let’s say you’re trying to treat your flanks, so the left flank and the right flank. That’s two cycles. And if you just have one treatment, you’re going to see some result but really not the result that would make you happy. Usually, it’s going to be another visit, let’s say four to six weeks later, that you’re going to piggyback on the left and right flanks again, same area, and treat it to completion, so that would be four cycles. Two flanks, two visits, four cycles. So four cycles would be $525 each.

Monique Ramsey (25:39):

So you can see how, depending on the areas, if you got two arms, I’m going to do my right arm, my left arm twice, that’s four, and let’s say my flanks, two flanks, or back fat, right and left side. So you can easily get over six cycles is kind of where I’m going with this. And especially when they’re priced almost half off, this is the time to do it.

Monique Ramsey (26:01):

We have two cool bonuses, because it’s CoolSculpting. So one of the cool bonuses is, like we talked about before, if you’re an Alle member, you’re going to earn points that you can then redeem towards future services, so Botox, JUVEDERM, SkinMedica, Latisse, DiamondGlow. So as you’re purchasing these CoolSculpting cycles, you’re also, some of that money is kind of being set aside for you in Alle to use later.

Monique Ramsey (26:27):

And then the second cool bonus is, if you buy 10 or more cycles, you’ll get a free ALASTIN TransFORM Body Treatment to turbocharge your results. That’s a $195 value. And ALASTIN, on their website, has some pictures of people who got CoolSculpting and they treated like… Let’s say if they got their tummy done, half their tummy, they put the TransFORM on, and half of it, they didn’t.

Monique Ramsey (26:59):

And they did some infrared camerawork and they show you how much more fat you’re losing with the TransFORM, or how much more fat you lost. It’s pretty stunning. I mean, it really makes the case for if you’re going to have CoolSculpting, take it to the next level. It really helps your body kind of shed extra fat in the treated areas. So that ALASTIN TransFORM helps that process move along.

Eva (27:29):

So, I was just doing a little math just, if you’re listening, to make this really clear how great of a deal this is. If you got four cycles, for example, they would usually be $750 each, which is $3,000. But right now, they’re $525 each, so they’re already down to $2,100.

Monique Ramsey (27:50):


Eva (27:51):

So that’s $900 off.

Monique Ramsey (27:53):

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Eva (27:55):

And then there’s another $200 rebate if you get one of those, you get in fast enough, so that’s $1,900 for four cycles.

Monique Ramsey (28:02):


Eva (28:03):

Plus you earn all those points.

Monique Ramsey (28:06):


Eva (28:07):

So you’re getting that back later. Not instantly, but later. So four cycles for $1,900. I think that’s actually the lowest price I’ve ever seen anywhere.

Monique Ramsey (28:19):

Yeah. I believe it. I’m glad you did that math.

Eva (28:23):

So you have to book that before December 31st, and you have to have your first treatment of CoolSculpting done before January 31st, but then you can stretch the rest out.

Monique Ramsey (28:35):

Yeah. Because your provider might say, “Okay. Yeah, I want your second treatment in six weeks,” or they might say four weeks or whenever. They’re going to tell you when, and that’s going to be between you and your provider. I want to talk about now, Eva, one of my very favorite procedures, and that procedure is miraDry. Now, miraDry is a procedure. It uses miraWave technology. That’s what they call it.

Monique Ramsey (29:00):

I don’t know what that means, but what I do know is that we all have two armpits and we all sweat through them. And for people who have hyperhidrosis, which is excess sweating of their armpits, this is a great treatment, but it’s also great just as a lifestyle treatment. And what it does is it permanently, each treatment will permanently reduce the activity of your sweat and odor glands.

Monique Ramsey (29:30):

So this is a way to get that lifestyle where you’re not having to worry about deodorant, antiperspirant. You’re not worrying about that permafunk after you go to the gym. You just don’t sweat, and it’s safe. People don’t realize it and go, “Isn’t that not natural?” Well, you have between two and four million sweat glands in your body. 2% of them are in your armpits. Basically, what the miraDry is doing is it’s sort of obliterating those little sweat and odor glands, so when your body sends a signal to that area saying, “Sweat,” there’s just nothing there to receive the signal.

Monique Ramsey (30:13):

So this treatment is just amazing. And if you have never had miraDry before, you can save $450 off your first miraDry treatment. And let’s say you had one and you’re thinking, “Well, I think I want a second one,” then you’ll save $405 on your second miraDry. So it’s a great treatment, and I highly recommend it to men, women, anybody who’s thinking about it.

Eva (30:40):

We have three really good… Oh no. Five really good skincare specials.

Monique Ramsey (30:46):

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Eva (30:46):

So I think we have something for everyone here. We have every brand that you carry included in the skincare special, so that’s skinbetter, SkinMedica, Neocutis, ALASTIN, and EltaMD. So I’ll start with the skinbetter one, which is, Free skinbetter is Better than Sugarplums.

Monique Ramsey (31:09):

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Eva (31:10):

Buy skinbetter’s award-winning trio, AlphaRet Overnight Cream, Alto Defense Serum, and Trio Rebalancing Moisture and get a Rejuvenate Smoothing Experience Plus kit free, which is a $100 value. And what’s in that kit is InterFuse Lines Treatment Cream, InterFuse Eye, and InterFuse Face & Neck.

Monique Ramsey (31:33):

And that award-winning trio, they’ve won a bunch of awards for one of the AlphaRet Overnight Cream, so that’s with your retinol. The Alto Defense Serum is your antioxidants, and it packs a punch. And then the Trio Rebalancing Moisture is a really nice moisturizer, and then you’re kind of getting the rest of their signature line for free to try.

Eva (32:00):

It’s a holiday kit.

Monique Ramsey (32:02):

Now, the one thing I do want to mention on that is we don’t have bazillions of kits available. There’s a fair amount, but they could run out. So if you’re really thinking about doing this, the sooner, the better, just so we don’t run out of the free kit that you want.

Eva (32:21):

Got it. I’ll be right there. Hold one for me.

Monique Ramsey (32:25):

Hold one for you. Yeah. So the next one is my favorite, Rhonda Reindeer’s SkinMedica Ritual. I love SkinMedica. I use it every day, twice a day. I’m literally addicted, so that’s just what it is. So it is what it is. Yeah.

Eva (32:44):

There’s worse things you could be addicted to.

Monique Ramsey (32:46):

This is true. This is true. A lot of people don’t realize that you can have a subscription of SkinMedica and they ship it to your house for free on whatever schedule you say, if you say every 45 days, every 60 days, every 90 days, and you’ll get 20% off all the time. So as a GLAMfam member, when you buy at the office, you’re getting 15% off of all your skincare purchases. That’s one of your perks. But how to make it better is to subscribe online, have them deliver it to you. You can pause it at any time. You can adjust it.

Monique Ramsey (33:30):

If you’re getting it too often or not often enough, you can adjust the time. They’ll send it to you. Sometimes, they’ll send you free samples with that. And again, you’re getting the AllÄ“ points, so you’ll be able to earn and redeem them through our SkinMedica store. So we have a link on that special where you can subscribe, and we’re going to give you… If you sign up for a home delivery subscription of the TNS Advanced+ Serum or the HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator, we’re going to give you a free SkinMedica Illuminize Peel for free. That’s a $150 value.

Monique Ramsey (34:10):

So you could just pick. Those are two super popular products. So the TNS Advanced+ Serum or the HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator, which has five of kinds of hyaluronic acid in it, so it really plumps you up.

Eva (34:25):

So just to be clear, the Illuminize Peel is not something you take home. It’s something that you actually get to lay down in the office-

Monique Ramsey (34:34):

Yes. That is true.

Eva (34:35):

… and have someone take care of you for that-

Monique Ramsey (34:36):

Cameron has…

Eva (34:36):

… incredibly low price.

Monique Ramsey (34:37):

She has the device. If you come in to see Cameron or any of our aestheticians, she has her little hot wax thing, so they can do a paraffin hand treatment while you’re getting your peel. That’s just an added bonus, which is lovely. Yeah. Cameron’s great.

Monique Ramsey (34:57):

Now, if you say, “Monique, what if I want both? I want both of those things to come my house. Not just one,” then I’ll say, “Okay. Great!” Sign up for home delivery subscription of both the TNS Advanced+ Serum and the HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator, and we’re going to give you that Illuminize Peel and the Eye Bright Essentials Holiday Kit, which has the TNS, the Eye Bright Cream, and it has a set of six eye masks, and it has a really lovely pink satin eye mask, like a sleeping mask. It’s very nice, very pretty. You could give that to a friend too.

Eva (35:40):

I would keep it for myself. Let’s be real.

Monique Ramsey (35:44):

I know. Three for me, one for you. So again, we get the 20% savings on those subscriptions, free straight deliveries to your door, and you’re going to get your points, so what’s not to love? And it’s while supplies last because we only have so many of the holiday kits, and when they run out, they run out, and we can’t even order more.

Eva (36:04):

The next one is actually… This is my favorite product.

Monique Ramsey (36:07):

Oh, it is? Oh, good!

Eva (36:09):

This is just take 20% off all Neocutis in stock. Neocutis has been around for a long time. And when you work in our industry, you get samples of a lot of stuff, and this is the one product that I have continued to buy year in and year out. It’s actually the eye cream.

Monique Ramsey (36:27):

Oh yeah.

Eva (36:28):

I can tell the next day when I have put this one on.

Monique Ramsey (36:32):


Eva (36:33):

And I have had multitudes of people give me other eye creams to try. And for whatever reason, this one just wins every single time.

Monique Ramsey (36:43):

If it’s something you haven’t tried before, and you’re looking for a reason, this is a great reason. Saving money is always a great reason to try stuff, right?

Eva (36:51):

It is.

Monique Ramsey (36:53):

Now, another product line, and we talked about them a little bit earlier, is ALASTIN. And I think two of the ones that people love the most, and that these are the two that we’re putting on sale, are the Regenerating Skin Nectar, which you use pre-treatment and after, and then the HydraTint Pro Mineral Sunscreen, and it’s a tinted sunscreen that’s amazing. It works beautifully. It protects you. It looks really good.

Monique Ramsey (37:23):

And so, if you buy those two, then you’ll get a Holiday Glimmer bag, there’s your Glimmer bag, Eva, that has a travel-size Restorative Skin Complex and an Ultra Light Moisturizer for free, and that’s a $144 value. And that Ultra Light Moisturizer is brand new. So you’re going to get your 15% off of those two products that you’re buying off of the MSRP, and you’re going to get the bag.

Eva (37:55):

Even better.

Monique Ramsey (37:56):

But again, we don’t have a bazillion of them. I don’t know how many we have, but they’re not going to last till the 31st. I just don’t think they will.

Eva (38:05):

And then that last skincare special, EltaMD is another classic staple.

Monique Ramsey (38:11):

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Eva (38:11):

It’s been around forever. It’s very reliable. They make great sunscreen. Take 20% off all in-stock EltaMD.

Monique Ramsey (38:19):

Yeah. And I think we’ve got four, at least, different ones, so there’s a tinted and non-tinted, a sport. You name it, we’ve got it. And people love EltaMD. They love it. Yeah, that’s another really good one, and it’s just 20% off whatever we have in stock. There’s one more.

Eva (38:36):

There is one more. It might be the best one.

Monique Ramsey (38:40):

Well. So this is called the Perfect Stocking Stuffer. If you don’t know what to get that person on your list, or this is where you heavily drop the hint to your significant other about how to make you happy, is the La Jolla Cosmetic Gift Card. So this is a purchase, $100 La Jolla Cosmetic Gift Card, and you’re going to get a bonus $20 free. And you can do that 10 times, so you can max out at $1,000 in gift cards and $200 in the free bonus. That’s pretty great. And you don’t have to buy 10, but if you know you’re going to use it, you could buy 10, or give them to your friends.

Eva (39:30):

There’s another bonus that comes with this one that’s not here, which is, you don’t have to go anywhere. You don’t have to drive anywhere. You just get to go online and you’re done. That’s it.

Monique Ramsey (39:44):

Actually, you know what, that’s a really… You’re right. That’s a great bonus. It’s in our shop, And again, it’ll be in the show notes, but yes, we have… We’ll take you… Go in, buy a gift card, and we have the instructions on there. But first, you’ll put $100 in your cart, then you’ll add that to the cart, then you pick a $20 card, add that to your cart, and when you go to checkout, you’ll see the $100 is $100 and the 20 is $0.

Eva (40:13):

You made $20 gift cards have a price of $0?

Monique Ramsey (40:17):

I did.

Eva (40:18):

Oh. Can you just buy some of those?

Monique Ramsey (40:22):

Yeah. Well, if you try it on your own, it’s going to charge you $20. But once you have those hundreds in there, the twenties are free. It’s blonde math. I don’t care. It works.

Eva (40:33):

That’s a pretty great gift.

Monique Ramsey (40:35):

It is a pretty great gift. Well, this is super fun. It should be like an annual thing that I interrupt your cooking on Thanksgiving Eve to…

Eva (40:43):

Next year, we need drinks, and we need more people.

Monique Ramsey (40:47):

Okay. We can have a party.

Eva (40:49):


Monique Ramsey (40:49):

Any of you listening, want to be in our party next year? Just let me know.

Eva (40:53):

You have to have at least one favorite product or treatment that you can talk about. That’s really the only requirement. Yeah.

Monique Ramsey (41:01):

We’re not going to put you through any special audition requirements.

Eva (41:06):

If you have made it all the way to the end of this episode, bless you. We have a special holiday surprise for you.

Monique Ramsey (41:15):

Yes, we do. Yes, we do.

Eva (41:17):

Our Evergreen Podcast special is, and if you listen to any episode and you show it or mention it, you get $25 off any purchase of $50 or more, so that’s always there for you. You can even use that on any of the specials that we talked about today. But if you made it to the end and you’re listening to me now, we also have a special holiday gift for you, so mention that and look for that when you come in and make sure to tell them that you’ve listened to the podcast all the way to the end.

Monique Ramsey (41:46):

All the way to the end.

Eva (41:47):

And we love you.

Monique Ramsey (41:47):

And we love you. “And Monique has a holiday surprise for me.” That’s what you tell them. “Monique has a holiday surprise. She said so.”

Eva (41:55):

Promo code, “Monique has a holiday surprise for me.”

Monique Ramsey (41:58):

And then they will run to the closet where I have the holiday surprises stashed. I’m not going to make a promise of what it is because I have a couple different things and we might let you choose. Yeah. Didn’t that sound fun? That’s worth coming to the XiMED building and parking, right? To get a holiday surprise.

Eva (42:17):

I would drive there for that.

Monique Ramsey (42:18):

For sure. For sure.

Eva (42:20):

Maybe not from Austin.

Monique Ramsey (42:22):

Well… Okay. If you fly into San Diego, I’ll pick you up and drive you there.

Eva (42:27):


Monique Ramsey (42:30):

Because we’d have so much fun. Well, this was super fun. Thanks everybody again for listening, and we look forward to seeing you soon. Have a happy Thanksgiving, have a happy Hanukkah, have a happy Christmas. Christmas is my birthday, so happy birthday to me personally.

Eva (42:45):

Happy birthday.

Monique Ramsey (42:47):

And all you other Christmas babies. So we will see you again soon. Thanks.

Speaker 1 (42:56):

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