Fillers: Separating Fact from Fiction

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Learn all about fillers... from what HA is and why it's so popular, to where it can be used, the latest trends, avoiding complications, and more!

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WATCH: Fillers: Separating Fact from Fiction, featuring Jennifer Franz, RN, BSN


It’s a filler frenzy of epic proportions! With new fillers and injectables being added to the market at a rapid pace, it can be hard to know what’s best.

Enter LJC expert injector Jennifer Franz, RN, BSN. Jennifer has been working with fillers of all kinds for over a decade. Her patients love her natural touch and beautiful results, and she loves sharing her knowledge with them.

In this action-packed event, Jennifer will cover:

  • Quick Anatomy Refresh: Where injectables can be used
  • Facial Symmetry: All about achieving balance
  • HA-HA-Hawt Topic: What is HA and why is it so popular?
  • Filler Playbook: What to do (and not do) before and after your treatment
  • Off-Label Use: Will the Filler Police be knocking down your door?
  • Types of Fillers: From Juvéderm to Kysse, and more!
  • Filler Trends: Jump on the bandwagon or?
  • What can go wrong: What can go wrong and how to prevent it
  • Photo showcase: SEE examples of fillers in the wild
  • Combo procedures: What works and when

Event Benefits:

EXCLUSIVE DEALS on now through 10/20/23. Watch now to get the deets!

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