Restore Lost Collagen: Everything You Need to Know About Sculptra

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featuring Amy Biggs, PA-C

Did you know that by age 50, you’ll have lost 30% of your collagen? It’s time to arm yourself with the facts on restoring collagen safely and naturally!

Sculptra has been around for a long time, so its safety is proven. However, the skill of your injector is the thing that will ensure success with this product.

Enter LJC injector Amy Biggs, PA-C. Amy has been using Sculptra for many years and will get you up to speed on restoring smooth, glowing, more supported skin with Sculptra.

In this event, she’ll cover:

  • What is Sculptra
  • Where Sculptra can be used
  • Who is a candidate
  • Prep & downtime
  • Number of treatments needed
  • Results – how long until you see a result and how long they might last
  • Complimentary treatments & devices (enhancing your results)
  • Buyer beware – what to look out for

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