The Secrets to Aging Backward: Facial Rejuvenation for Every Decade

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featuring Kiersten Riedler, MD

Have you noticed… some people just never seem to age! How do they do it?

In addition to taking care of oneself with a healthy diet, exercise, and liberal use of sun protection, knowing a great plastic surgeon – one who can help you stop Mother Nature in her tracks – is key. 

In this event, we cover:

  • More than Skin Deep: What’s happening structurally as the face ages?
  • Solutions by Zone: Which procedures (both surgical and non-surgical) address each zone of the face?
  • Solutions by Decade: From your 20’s to your 60’s (and beyond!)… Dr. Riedler shares great procedures for every age group.
  • Aging Naturally: When is the right time for medical spa treatments and when is it time to move to a surgical procedure?

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